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Are you looking for West Bengal Higher Secondary 2017 Suggestion? Get all subjects suggestions for Higher Secondary 2017 Examination. Download WBCHSE Higher Secondary 2017 English Suggestion with sure Common in examination. Get all the tips and tricks how to get 90% marks on Higher Secondary (10+2) board examination. Download 10+2 class exam Suggestion prepared by experts.

West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education organized the Higher Secondary (10+2) Examination 2017 for Bengal students. Here I provide a complete study guide and a suggestion for West Bengal Higher Secondary Examination 2017 of English subject. The H.S 2017 English examination will be held on 17th March, 2017 according to updated exam routine. Download Higher Secondary 2017 Examination Routine. Total written marks of this examination is 80. The question paper contains two part, Part-A and Part-B. A brief suggestion is given here, prepared by experts. Practice this suggestion will help you in your exam.

West Bengal Higher Secondary 2017 English Suggestion

Part-A : This part contains descriptive type questions from Prose, Poem and Drama portion. Unseen passage, Writing skills and grammatical questions also include on this part. Total marks from Part-A is 60.


A. Answer any two questions in about 100 words.

1. Describe the locality, where APJ Abdul Kalam lived in childhood.
2. Describe the scene of the girl's boarding the train in Ruskin Bond's story 'The Eyes Have It'.
3. How would you assess the character of Roger?
4. 'Let us see who it is' - Who is the speaker and to whom he speaks?
5. Assess the character of the girl passenger.
6. "I'm tired of.....pretty face." - Who said this and to whom? What did the person spoken to reply?
7. "Them I made a mistake" - What was the mistake and how to get rid off from this?
8. How did Kalam's father attitude to adversity influence the young Kalam?
9. "Why don't you......help and advice" - What is the meaning of 'help and advice' and why the speaker ask this question?
10. How does the speaker show the way to freedom, happiness and peace of mind of the prose 'Strong Roots'?
11. Write down and discuss the character of Mrs. Luella.
12. What lessons did Roger learn from Mrs. Jones? Assess the title of the prose' Thank you Ma'am'.
13. Why did the Tsar not agree with the answer of the learned men? Who did the Tsar decide to consult again?
14. Why Tsar go up to him and what did he say? Why did Tsar agree with none and give the reward to none?


B. Answer the question in about 100 words.

1. The poem 'On Killing a Tree' describe man's cruelty and violence to nature.
2. Describe the valley after Rimbaud's "Asleep in the Valley".
3. Explain the last two lines of Shakespeare's sonnet "Shall I compare three to a summer's day?"
4. Assess the title of the sonnet "The Poetry of the Earth".
5. What pictures of the two seasons does Keats draw in his sonnet.
6. How does Shakespeare represent the beauty of his friend on his sonnet.
7. Assess and justify the the title of the poem, "Asleep in the valley".
8. Describe the central meaning of the poem, "On Killing a Tree".
9. "The bleeding bark will heal" - What is the meaning of 'bleeding' here? Why the bark is called bleeding here and how will it heal?
10. "But the eternal summer shall not fade" - How does the poet suggest that 'the eternal summer' shall never end?
11. Discuss the activities of the grasshopper on the poem, "The poetry of Earth".
12. "And then it is done?" - What does 'it' refer to? What does the word 'done' mean?


C. Answer any one of the following questions in about 100 words.

1. "What proposal?" - who is the speaker and to whom are these words said? What is the proposal about? What is the response of the speaker to the proposal and why?
2. Explain and assess the title of, 'The proposal'.
3. Explain and assess the character of Natalya Stepanovan / Lomov.
4. Describe the social life, which is shown on the play, "The proposal".
5. Why does Lomov think Natalya will make an acceptable wife?


This portion contains do as directed type questions, fill in the blanks with appropriate article and preposition, Word corrections etc. Read carefully your text book and practice questions papers for this part.


There no any suggestions for Unseen passage, you have to practice more and more the test papers. You may follow any English Daily, it's can help you for this portion.


A. Letter Writing :
Editorial Letter : High Price Rise, Sound Pollution for loud speakers, banning old vehicles which cases major polution, Corruption in public life, Frequently Bandh, Banning plastic carry bags.
Personal Letter : Your plan after HS examination, advice to read newspaper, advantages and disadvantages of online social media, a book you recently read, a place you recently visited.

Report Writing : an Earthquake, Blood donation camp, A road accident, a train accident, book Fair, school magazine, celebration of Swaraswati Puja, Teaches' day celebration, farewell ceremony.

Part-B : This portion contains only 20 marks with very short answer type questions and MCQ type questions. For this portion, read carefully your text books and practice questions papers.

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This is the complete suggestion for Higher Secondary 2017 English Subject. If you have any questions about this issue please feel free to ask us. We will definitely try to help you at our best. For updates about all the suggestions, please like our Facebook page, WebExam Facebook Page. You may comment here for your tips, suggestions and other issues.

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