Best Books for WBCS Preliminary Exam and Preparation Tips without Coaching

Are you recently complete your Graduation degree and taking preparation for WBCS Preliminary exam or IAS examination and searching for best books? Get a complete list of best books, which are really helpful for WBCS Preparation. Know how to crack WBCS Preliminary Exam without any Coaching. Some useful books for Civil Service examination. A complete study guide for West Bengal Civil Service Examination. Learn how to prepare and easily qualify in WBCS Preliminary exam.

For recruitment on various Administrative Services, West Bengal Government organized West Bengal Civil Service (WBCS) Examination every year. It's may be treated one of the toughest examination in Bengal. After completing graduation degree any students can apply for this WBCS exam. The complete process of WBCS exam is devided into three parts, 1. WBCS Preliminary. 2. WBCS Main. and 3. Interview. From this year the Syllabus and Question Pattern of WBCS examination changed completely, Click here to know the WBCS exam new Question Pattern and New Syllabus. Here I listed some best books, which may help you at the preparation of WBCS Preliminary examination.

List of Best Books for WBCS Preliminary Examination

On the WBCS Preliminary exam, there are total Eight subjects and each subject carries 25 marks. So, the total marks for WBCS Preliminary examination is 200. The eight subjects are, 1. English Composition, 2. General Science, 3. Current Events, 4. Indian History, 5. Indian Geography, 6. Indian Economics and Politics, 7. Indian National Fights, 8. Mental ability Test. Bellow I mentioned the best books from each subject to crack WBCS Preliminary Exam easily without any Coaching.

1. English Composition

Objective English for Competitive Examination by Hari Mohan Prasad and Uma Rani Sinha : This book is published by Mc Graw Hill Education publishers. It is best for any competitive examination like, IAS, WBCS, IBPS, NDA etc.

• English Grammar books by P.K. De or by P.C. Das. This books are good for learn the basic knowledge of English grammar.

Synonyms & Antonyms for all Competitive Exam by Roshan Tolani : This books si published by Arihant Publishers. It helps students for many entrance examination.

2. General Science

General Science for Civil Service Preliminary Examination by Tara Chand, Shabnam Johry, Tanushri Saxena and Renu Kathpalia : It is one of the best book for General Science by Mc Graw Hill Education publishers.

• For increase your General Science knowledge you may read any science magazine published by mtg publishers. This magazine may help you about the General Science issue.

3. Current Events

General Knowledge by Monohar Panday : This book is published by Arihant Publishers. With the recent edition of this book you can get all the details current affairs.

• For Current events, you can follow the news paper every day. You can also buy weekly magazine like Kharmokhetra, Jibika Dishari, KarmoSagasthan etc. This manages contains many current events all over the world.

4. Indian History

Bharater Itihas by Atul Chandra Roy : This is a Bengali history book. You can follow this as a reference for preparation of WBCS Preliminary exam. You can also use history book by Tulshi Prakashani which is also a good book.

History of India and Indian National Movement by J.K. Chopra : This book is published by Unique Publishers. Every portion of this book is mentioned clearly and easily. It is one of the best history book for Competitive examination.

• You can also chose some best History books by D.N Jha, Satish Chandra, Sumit Sarkar etc. All this books are good for West Bengal Civil Service Examination.
• You must follow the NCERT History text books from class 6th to 12th standard.

5. Indian Geography

Geography of India by Majid Husain : This book is published by Mc Graw Hill Education publishers. It is one of the best book for preparation of WBCS Preliminary exam.

• Read carefully the NCERT text books of standard 6th to standard 12th. Maximum questions of WBCS exam will come from this books.

6. Indian Economics and Politics

Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh : Mc Graw Hill Education publishers published this book. It is one of the best preparation book for WBCS Preliminary examination.

Indian Polity by M. Laxikanth : If you want to know about the Indina politics, then it is the best book you may buy.

Political Theory by O.P Gauba : For WBCS preparation it is a good book for know about the Indian politics and its nature.

• One of the best book for learn about the political and economical nature of India you may follow, Indian Administration by S.R.Maheswari.

7.Indian National Fights

The Wonder That was India by A.L Basham : For various competitive examination like WBCS, IBPS, IAS etc this book may help you to know about the Indian history.

8. Mental Ability Test (MAT)

Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning by R.S Agarwal : This book is published by Arihant Publishers. From this book you can learn all types of mental ability tests. There is many practice sets are available on this book.

MagBook General Mental Ability by Arihant Publishers : This book is also a good option for WBCS preparation.

Here I enlisted all the name of good books, which can help you at the preparation of WBCS Preliminary exam. You may also follow this magazines Pratiyogita Darpan, Safallo, WBCS Challenger by Chaya Prakashani, which are best for various type questions and current affairs. If you have any query or questions please free to ask us. We are always happy to help you.

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