Primary TET Language-2 English


    West Bengal Primary TET English (2nd Language) Online Test

    Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition:-

    He was suspicious_____his friends motives.
    Everyone in this universe is accountable_____his action.
    He was ashamed____ his mistake.
    There are four parts in these sentences, which contain an error. Choose the error:-

    Unless suresh does not mind his language, he will be a troule soon.
    I could not go to the office because it was raining.
    By hook or crook he will be police officer.
    I could not go to my uncle's house as I cut my hand.
    Fill in the blanks with appropriate word.

    Our vice president office may_____ carlier than fixed term.
    He may be______by a resolution of the Council.
    They have no power of ______.
    Choose the correct spelling.
    Choose the correct spelling.
    Choose the correct spelling.
    A sentense is split into four parts. They are not proper order. Rearrange them.

    As soon as

    A: rushed out

    B: left the class

    C: the students

    D: the teacher of the class.

    A: is most

    B: important exam

    C: for all

    D: candidates



    Remedial test is helpful because
    Teaching and learning is a journey from
    Direct method is also known as
    Grammar translation method is basically used to teach
    The four types of language activities in order of priority are-----
    The aim of teaching English should be
    Teacher of English should known
    Child centric classroom is characterized by
    'A large class' in the context of teaching means---
    A mixed ability group of learner refers to---
    Comprehensive evaluation refers to assessment of---
    Teaching aids for foreign language teaching are---
    Formative assessment is assessment---
    A teacher diagns a  test to find out the cause of the poor grades of her learning through:-
    Young learners will enjoy a play included in the textbook when they


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