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Madhyamik 2017 Physical Science Suggestion download. Get the best madhyamik 2017 suggestion. All the important questions of Physical Science for Madhyamik examinee. Are you looking for Madhyamik 2017 exam Suggestion? Get Madhyamik 2017 Physical Science Suggestion with question answer.

West Bengal Madhyamik 2017 Physical Science examination will be held on 1st March, 2017. Total marks for this subject is 90 written and 10 oral test. Maximum questions of Madhyamik 2017 Physical Science question paper will be short type questions. So for that read carefully your text book. Here I publish some questions of Physical Science subject which are important for this year Madhyamik examination. So, keep reading the suggestion.

Madhyamik 2017 Physical Science Suggestion

All the questions are short type, carries one, two or three marks each.

1. On which atmospheric layer radio waves are reflected? What is the full form of CFC? Write the name of an organic green house gas. What is the maximum temperature of air at Thermosphere? Want is the molar volume of gas at STP? What is the temperature at which the the pressure of gas becomes zero? What is the SI unit of pressure? What is the meaning of 1 mol CH4? Draw the V-T diagram for Charles law. Write the gas equation or n-mol gas.

2. What is the number of atoms on 1.8g of water? Number of atoms on 22.4lit NH3 at NTP? Which have more conductance, Silver or Cupor? Which type lense is used on magnifying glass? Which are the boundary colour of a Prime for a white light? Example of light spectrum. What is the focus length of plan mirror? Want is the main cause of refraction?

3. How a green colour material will view on red light? What type of image will form on cinema hall screen? Whicy property will measured by Voltmeter and Ammeter? The electrode potential of a cell is E volt. What is the amount of work required to move 1 Culomb ion from negative pole to positive pole? Name of two conductor which do not follow Ohm's law. On which series fuise wire will be attach with the main line? Describe the Ohm's law. What is the resistance of ideal Voltmeter and Ammeter? What is the charge of a β p article? Which is used as modaretor on nucleo reactar?

4. Which is called naughty paricle? Example of transition metal. Which are called coin metal? What is Olium? Which gas will realised when NaCl reaction with conc. H2SO4? What is used as anod and cathod for Zn layer on iron? What SI the ore of Zn, Al, Cu. Full for of PVC. What is the main substance of Stainless Steel? Main product of CNG. Name of the simpliest hydrocarbon.

5. How the temperature of atmosphere will change with hight increase. Clasify the atmosphere on the basis of pressure and temperature. Main cause of destroy ozon layer. Value of standard pressure? Value and derination of absolute temperature? What is the relation of temperature on motion of gas atom. Write down the Avogardo's law. What is ideal gas and real gas. If we blow a baloon its volume and pressure will increase, does it follow Boyel's law?

6. Main focus of a spherical mirrior? Two laws of refraction. Derination with diagram of focus length of a lense. What is the Optical Centre of a lense. How can you know which is contact and which is convex lense. What is light spectrum? What is pure spectrum and impure spectrum? Properties of X-ray.

7. Describe Fleming's Left hand rule. Defination of Kw-Hour. Write down Ampheir's swiming law. 'The potential diffence of a cell is 1.5 volt' - meaning of this sentence. If we pass 10 Amp current on a electric conductor with resistance 30 ohm. How much heat will obtain? Lenz's formula. How the magnetic power of a electro magnet will increase?

8. Drawn the Lewis dot structure - H2O, F2, HF, CO2, N2, CaO. Difference between Ionic bond and Covalant bond. Why Ionic bond is call real bond. What is Licur Amonia? Two molecules A and B with atomic number 7 and 20, write the structure of the complex with this molecules. Example of Covalant molecules. Why CaO is used to dry Amonia. What happen, when Amonia gas will treatment with Cupric Oxide. Why H2S cannot dry with conc. H2SO4? Reaction of Amonium Hydroxide with HCl. Reduce nature of H2S. Prepation of urea from Amonia.

9. What is functional group? Write down the formula of- Ethanoic Acid, Acetone, Acetic Acid, Diethyl ether. What is Resonance? W item down the IUPAC name of the following components - CH3CH2CH2CH3, CH3=CH-CH3, CH3CHO, CH3CH(CH3)OH. Write down the reaction of Chlorin with Methane. Reaction of Br2 with ethylene.

10. Boyel's law and Charle's law. Define absolute temperature from Charle's law. Established the equation PV=KT. Difference between pure and impure spectrum. Prove that r=2f for plane mirror. Uses of X-ray. Heating effect of current Joule's law. Culomb's law of stat physics. Difference between Electrode potential and Potential difference.

11. A electric wire of resistance 16 ohm is cut into equal four parts. Then this parts are join in parallel combination, what is the resistance of this system? In a house 8 bulb (60W, 220V) use daily 10 hours, one electric heater (1.5W, 220V) use 15 minutes per day. If the electricty charges Rs. 6 per unit. Then what is the total electric bill of that house? What is Electro megnet? Megnetic effect of current by Orsted's experiment. What is Nucleo Fussion and Nucleo Fission? Why Nucleo Fission is done before Nucleo Fussion?

12. Properties of α, β, γ rays. If a molecule ZXA, one α and two β particles are reduced from it. What is the final structure. Write down the Mendeliv's periodic law and Morden Periodic law. Arrange the molecules with increasing size- O, C, F, Li. Arrange with increasing electronegativity - I, Cl, F, Br. What is the position of this two molecules with atomic number 17 and 25 on the Mendeliv's preodic table.

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13. Prepation of H2SO4 with touch method. Lae prepation of NH3. Uses of Nessler Reagent. Prepation of HNO3 on Oswold method. Difference between Organic and Inorganic compounds. Write down the monomer of Teflon and Polythene. What is Anod mud ?

This are the some important questions for Madhyamik 2017 exam. This is not a complete study guide, read carefully your text book. If you have any questions please post it on comment box. Best of luck for your exam.


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