Apply EWS Certificate West Bengal – Eligibility, Application Form, Certificate Download

EWS Certificate West Bengal. Government of West Bengal started distribution of Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) Certificate to the general category students and job seekers. EWS Certificate holding candidates will get 10% reservation on any Government Service and Admission in the Educational Institutions in West Bengal.

Candidates who are Economically Poor can apply for EWS Certificate West Bengal get a valid certificate. Only Unreserved (UR) category candidates can apply for this EWS Certificate West Bengal.

EWS Certificate West Bengal Application

All the details information about West Bengal EWS Certificate Application Process, who can apply for EWS certificate, type of documents will be required at the time of application and other information also. 

The Application Form for EWS certificate West Bengal is given below, read the complete article and understand application process then download the application form and apply for your EWS Certificate in WB.

EWS Certificate West Bengal

Certificate forEconomically Weaker Sections (EWS)
CategoryGeneral Category Candidates
Total Reservation10%
Application ModeOffline
Total Time Takes2 to 3 weeks
Annual Family IncomeLess than Rs. 8 Lakh

West Bengal EWS Certificate Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must have to fulfil the following eligibility guidelines to apply for Economically Weaker Section (EWS) certificate West Bengal.

EWS Certificate holder will get 10% reservation benefit on any Government Jobs and admission on any Institution in West Bengal.

1. Persons who are not covered under the scheme of reservation for SC, ST and OBC can apply for EWS Certificate.

2. The gross annual family income should be below ₹ 8.00 lakh from all the sources like salary, agriculture, business, profession etc for the financial year prior to the year of application.

3. Persons whose families do not own or process any of the following assets –

  • 5 acres of agriculture land and above.
  • Residential flat of 1000 sq. ft and above.
  • Residential plot of 100 sq. yards and above in notified municipalities.
  • Residential plot of 200 sq. yards and above in areas other than the notified municipalities.

The property held by a family in different locations would be clubbed together for determining EWS status.

4. The term ‘family’ for this purpose we include the persons who seek the benefit of reservation, his/her parents and siblings below the age of 18 years as also his/her spouse band children below the age of 18 years.

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Income and Asset Certificate Issuing Authority

The Candidates who want to apply for EWS Certificate West Bengal must have to collect an Income and Asset Certificate issued by any of the following authorities in the prescribed format as given in Annexure-C.

  • District Magistrate / Additional District Magistrate.
  • Sub-Divisional Officer.
  • DWO, Kolkata for KMC Area.

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EWS Certificate Application Process West Bengal

The application process for the EWS Certificate West Bengal is Offline. Candidates have to apply by downloading the Application Form (Annexure-A). Follow the below steps to Apply EWS Certificate.

At first Download the EWS Application Form (link is given below) and fill it carefully with all the Personal details, Income and Asset Details.

Now attach the following documents with your Application Form. All the documents must be self-attested.

  1. EPIC or Citizenship Certificate of self or parents.
  2. PAN Card of Self or Parents.
  3. Birth Certificate issued by component authority / Admit Card of Madhyamik or equivalent examination.
  4. Pay Slip of Self or Parents (for salaried persons).
  5. Income Certificate for prescribed Authorities.
  6. Residential Certificate.
  7. RoR / Parcha / Registered Deed.
  8. Certificate in support of sub-caste from Gram Panchayat Pradhan or from Chairman of Municipalities, Councillor of Municipal Corporations.
  9. Self-declaration in regard to family income, assets and Sub-Caste in the prescribed format in Annexure-B.

After attaching all the documents, submit your EWS Certificate Application Form to any of the following authorities :

  1. Block Development Officer for Rural Areas.
  2. Sub-Divisional Officer for Municipalities.
  3. DWO, Kolkata for KMC areas.

This is the complete application process for EWS Certificate West Bengal.

Download the West Bengal EWS Certificate Application FormClick Here to Download

Enquiry and Verification Process

After submitting the EWS Application Form, the authority shall ask the applicant to appear, on a suitable date within two weeks from the date of receipt of the application, hearing and submission of proofs for verification of family income and subcaste in the manner it is done for issuance of Caste Certificate, before the following authorities :

  1. Inspector BCW Panchayat and Municipal areas.
  2. DWO, Kolkata for KMC areas.

Verifications of immovable assets like agriculture land, residential flat / plot shall be done by the BL & LRO for Panchayat and Municipal areas. In KMC areas such verification shall be done by the BL & LRO / Chief Valuer / Surveyor.

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Issuing EWS Certificate

After completing all the verification process, examine the reports and supporting documents if everything is found satisfactory about the eligibility of the applicant, then he/she will receive the EWS Certificate in the prescribed format in Annexure-C.

West Bengal EWS Certificate Format

Validity of EWS Certificate

EWS Certificate issued by SDO/issuing authority will valid upto one Financial Year. This means every EWS certificate will valid upto 31st March of that Financial Year. Suppose, you got your EWS Certificate on September 2020, this Certificate will valid upto 31st March 2021. After that, you have to apply renewal for this certificate.

FAQs about EWS Certificate

How to apply for EWS Certificate in West Bengal?

The application process of the EWS Certificate in WB is Offline. Apply with prescribed form by attaching all the documents to your BDO/SDO office.

Can SC/ST/OBC candidates apply for EWS Certificate?

No. Any reserved category candidates cannot apply for this certificate. EWS only for UR/General category candidates.

What is the reservation criteria for EWS Category?

As per West Bengal Government rule, EWS Category candidates will get 10% seats reservation on every Government Institutions, Jobs and other fields.

Can I download EWS Certificate Online in West Bengal?

No. You cannot download EWS Certificate Online. Issuing authority will issue the EWS Certificate after verifying all the documents.

How to check EWS Certificate Application Status Online?

EWS Certificate Application Status not available online to check.

How long will it take to get new EWS Certificate?

Generally, it will take 15 to 20 days to get EWS Certificate in West Bengal.

This is complete information and guidelines for West Bengal EWS Certificate Application. This article on social media to help others.

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125 thoughts on “Apply EWS Certificate West Bengal – Eligibility, Application Form, Certificate Download”

  1. Sir, I am a married woman, I don’t have the property of my own but my father has the property of 1kattha and a 900sqft flat. I m now 27 years old. Can I apply for ews certificate? I am gen category

    • Hello Jyoti, read the eligibility criteria of the EWS Certificate application and then apply for this certificate through the proper channel.

    • Hello Rupam, to avail EWS certificate, you don’t need to file your Income Tax. But you have to pay your Property Tax, Municipality/Panchayet Tax. Because these certificates may be required by the BLRO to verify your property.

  2. Sir..As I belong to general category and there is no income of source in my family because my parents expired. So I’m eligible to apply for EWS certificate but the problem is that the only land area where I live is(undivided 3 kattha 24sq ft) still in the name of my grandfather who’s also passed away(having 5 children). So sir kindly suggest me how can I show the Documents related to residential plot or land area. Am I eligible or not?
    A line in reply will be appreciated

    • Hello Laxmi, visit to your Panachayet/Municipality office and apply for a legal heir/waris certificate of your grandfathers land. After getting this submit the land documents and this waris certificate with your EWS certificate. This certificate is enough to prove that you have less than 1000 sq. ft. residential plot.

  3. Sir we have a 3 katha residential plot which my father bought. But my is no more today. We got our portion from my grandfather’s land and it is less than 200gauge and dalil, porcha, record all is in the name of my grandpa. Am I eligible to seek EWS certificate by showing the land which I get from my Gradpa’s asset?

  4. Is it necessary to provide the referee’s name in the Annexure A? I don’t have any such referee. So asking.

    • Hello Souvik, yes it is necessary to mention two referees name in Annexure-A. You can mention two well-known persons’ name or any Govt. Employee’s name from your area (must take permission from them).

      • Sir , Can you please tell me of what should be their rank? Should they be just a government employee or they must be of a higher rank?

        Should I be just putting their names and addresses or they need to sign on my application form. If they have to sign where do they need to sign?

        • Hello Souvik, it is not mandatory that your referees are Government employees. You can use any two persons name, who are well-known in your locality. They may be govt. employees or may not.

  5. Hi sir, My family income is 3L/A, we have a residential plot of 900 sq-ft and another one open plot of 1500 sq-ft which is a highland right beside our house where we use to grow vegetables, in record the plot class is mentioned as ‘Danga’, can I apply for EWS?

  6. Hello sir, I have an ews certificate issued from West Bengal . Is my certificate applicable for central government exam?
    And another question is the institution where I applied through ews quota, they clarified that they will accept certificate issued after 31st March,2020. So, as my certificate issued on july,2020, is this applicable according to their criteria?? pls help

  7. Sir,
    I live in sabang,amar babar 3.50 bighe jomi roye6e ami ki ete apply korte pari??
    15-20 days er kom time e ki eta hobe na?
    Please sir bolun.

    • For EWS Certificate reference, you can mention two well-known (maybe Govt. Employee) people of your locality and request them to sign on your application form.


    • Hello TITAS, probably the same documents, which required at the time the first time application, will require for renewal of EWS certificate.

      • Sir my ews certificate valid for year 2020-2021 and I get this certificate September 2020 so when I have to renew this certificate?
        Again I have to collect all the documents like previous time and submit or just showing old ews certificate is enough?

  8. Sir, I have an EWS certificate for financial year 2018-2019. After the expire of validity date should I renew my certificate from the BDO/ SDO by showing my previous EWS certificate or should I apply afresh again.
    Pleasee help me to solve my problem as soon as possible

    • Hello Avay, you have to renew your old EWS Certificate from your BDO/SDO office, through a proper method. You may you have to submit some documents once again.

  9. Hello Sir ,
    My name is Sayeed Abdul Kashid , My sub caste is Syed, Now the problem I am facing is in submitting my Caste Certificate in the DWO office. As per the WB norms, as proof, I have to submit a sub-caste certificate issued by the councilor of my ward, but now my counselor is also asking me to give proof that I belong from the Syed sub caste. Since as per my knowledge, there is no such authority who gives any sub-caste certificate to the general candidate, Now how do I prove my sub-caste to my counselor, in order to get the certificate for the same. so that I can submit it to the DWO office for getting an EWS certificate.

    Looking forward to getting your reply as soon as possible.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Kashid, to proof your sub caste, you can show them your ancestor’s (পূর্বপুরুষ) deed. They sub-caste may be mentioned there.

  10. 1. Will the EWS certificate issued by West Bengal govt hold good for central govt exams of UPSC ?
    2. I am aspiring to fill in for UPSC CSE 2021 next month when the drive starts. Can I apply under EWS ? What happens if in any case I fail to obtain EWS certificate for 2020-21 ? Will the previous year (2019-20) hold good ?

  11. Hello sir
    Currently my family income is above 8 lakhs but in august my father will be retiring and then it will be below 8 lakhs ..but i have to register for my neet examinations which will be before august probably.
    So am i eligible to get an ews certificate. Also we live in a 1100 sq ft house which is a wakf property but there are 3 other siblings of my parents entitled to that property would that be a problem?

  12. Sir as per coast guard notice the issue date of all certificate on or before 19jan 2021, and all certificate valid upto atleast 31october 2021…the issue date of my EWS 7/8/20..then what I should do now?

      • Hello sir we fulfill all the requirements except the residential plot. Our residential plot is 3 katha in panchayet area. Am I eligible?

        • Hello Debabrata, if you will not fulfil all the eligibility guidelines for EWS certificate, then you cannot apply for this or your application will be rejected.

  13. Sir,I belong to a village,and my dad’s total registered area along with our house is 0.08 acre,,,plz rply if I can apply for ews,if can’t dn what I can do sothat I can apply.

      • Sir if i would get the certificate in the month of february of the ongoing year then what would be it’s validity period? Just only for one month? Then what to do for its renewal?

          • Sir from where do I get the asset certificate? Which authority will issue it? Which documents are required to get it?

          • Sir who will issue annexure c? Please sir tell me the procedures. I have gone to bdo but they want bl and lro issued asset certificate…. what to do to get this… please reply sir….

          • How to apply for ews certificate in west bengal please let me know ? Is it done in online mode ?

          • Hello Payal, the application process for WB EWS Certificate is offline. You cannot apply online for WB EWS certificate.

  14. I am a central govt employee. I badly need ews certificate.there is no need of obc certificate to me for my promotion. I fall under ews category. Then why i cant apply for this? Is not it an exploitation? Is not it a planned trap not to give opprtunity to the muslims in central service exam?

    • Hello Sir
      I am a resident of west bengal but I have ancestral property in Bihar..So Fos showing the asset I need to contact Bl & lro west bengal or Bihar??
      Kindly clear this and what document I need to show for my property??

      • Hello Ashfaque, at first collect the property certificate from BL & LRO (Bihar) for your Bihar Propery. After that visit to the BL & LRO (West Bengal) for your current property certificate in WB. Attach both the certificate with your EWS Application form.

  15. sir i have income certificate of 2018-2019. can i use it for applying ews certificate this year or i have to get income certificate of 2019-2020?

    • Hello Himadri, income certificate is valid only one financial year. So, you have to apply for new income certificate to apply for EWS Certificate.

  16. Sir , please help me for this ews certificate. My father and my uncle’s are separated but our land and the plot area is not registered by my father and my uncle’s name. Plot area and the land are named by my grand father. But he was died. Now I want to apply ews certificate for me. So if I show one of the plot areas parcha which was by my grand fathers name, is it working?

    • Hello Juthika, visit your Panchayat / Municipality office and then collect a waris certificate (legal heir certificate). Attach it with your EWS application form and divide the property into two parts. Mention one part (property details) for your parents on the application form.

  17. Sir, i stay with my maternal uncle since class 8 as i lost my parents in a tragic accident. Now i am 20 years old. I am preparing for medical entrance exam. My dad had government job but till now i didn’t recieve a single pension amount… so my income status is zero. In my aadhar card, my maternal uncle’s residential address is given, which do not fulfil ews residential proof criteria. Now, i don’t even live with them due to my personal family issue. My parents didn’t have any such residential land that deny the ews criteria.. please help

  18. In case one is living in the land and house of late grandfather and the land(more than the mentioned limit in criteria) is to be passed on to 5 heirs(But not in any near future due to). Now neither father nor mother owns any asset!. Is he/she eligible for the EWS certificate?

    • Hello, at first apply for a Waris certificate / legal heir certificate from your local authority (Panchayet / BDO / Municipalty). They calculate what is the total land for your parents. If the total lands follow under EWS eligibility, then you can apply.


    • Hello Subhadip, you may not face any issues for the this. The complete proforma of WB EWS certificate is same as Central Government. So, you can use your EWS Certificate issued by West Bengal Govt. for Central Government job/exam applications.

  20. Please reply sir,i want add ews certificate for jenpas -ug(20).for general category , when convert date& time,please please janaben??

  21. I have got my EWS Certificate on 12th February 2020. And they have mentioned the valid year 2019 – 20. Now my query is – when I will renew my certificate !
    Will it be after March 2020 !

    • Hello Absar, you cannot replace EWS certificate with Domicile certificate or with other documents. If the University wants EWS certificate, you must have to provide a proper EWS certificate issue by your SDO or other component authority.

  22. Can I get old ews certificate of 2017-18 now in 2020? In rrb ntpc exam,ews certificate of 2017-18 is required for D.V but I have the ews certificate of 2018-19 because WB govt approved the certificate in 2018-19 .please gives me a solution.

  23. Sir ,Ami amar jonno EWS Certificate kortay chai kintu jomir dalil Thakumar namey 1kattha 5 chatank mote jomi Babar aro dui(2) bhai oi barir angshidar Thakuma Jibita abasyhay Jomi bhag kortay raji non ai abosthay sir ami kibhabey jomir dolil dekhaboy sir amar baba akjon thika shramik amar EWS Certificate paoya khub proyojon apni jodi ai somoshshyar samadhanay path bolay dane upokrito hobo acharay ar aktay bishoy income certificater portaley income certificate kortay giachilam sekhaney abar kolkata district aschey na sir kolkatar basindara ki onlineay income certificate kortay parbay na. Amar basosthan KMC areatay Anonya Das. GardenReach Namaskar Sir.

    • Hello Anonya, for income and asset certificate visit the DWO, KMC office with your documents. They will issue an Income certificate also issue a warisan certificate for the total land.

    • OBC-B (or any reserved category) candidates cannot apply for EWS Certificate. Only General/Unreserved category candidates are eligible to apply.

  24. Respected person,
    Anyone known about rectifying my ews certificate. I am wrongly to entry THE financial year of my income 2018-2019 it’s DELIVERED to school admissions. plz help me properly.

    • Hello Prasenjit, contact to the WB ESI Manicktala Nurses Training centre or visit there and request to the authority.

  25. Thank you.
    Is Panchayat Pradhan / MLA applicable?? For the referral
    Or one family member and one reputed person from my locality?
    What should I do?

    • Income certificate must be issued by SDO, DM or Adition DM. Panchayet Pradhan or MLA Income certificate is not accepctable.

    • Hello Neel, on. EWS Application form, you have to mention two persons name (who will know you well) on the column-9. Do mention the name of your any family members. Try to mention two reputed persons name from your locality.

          • Sir can you plz help me bcoz I wanted to aply for EWS amd I went to the EWS office but they said you have to state your sub caste proof but I don’t know what should I give in sub caste my name is md. Amaan and I belong to Mohammad tittle so my sub caste should be sayyid but how to give its proof I don’t know

  26. I belongs to obc(B) under west bengal govt. But treted as general to the central govt.
    can I apply for EWS??
    for central govt jobs.??

    • To apply under EWS category, you must have an EWS Certificate issued by component authority. As you already have OBC Certificate, you cannot issue EWS Certificate from your SDO.

    • Hello Rupak, your EWS Certificate will valid up to 31st March 2020. Generally, EWS certificate will valid for one finanancial year.

  27. Affidavit from court is must be important for EWS certificate? If yes then who verify it any advocate or magistrate?

  28. I wanted to apply EWS certificate few days back. On this regards I went BL& LRO office for “income and Assets certificate”. But one of the stuffs of BL&LRO office was illegally money for that. I am struggling due to this and I get frustrate due to this. I have all this criteria of EWS BUT unable to make EWS till now due to it. I am from a village in Bardhaman. I request to let me know what I need to do and let me know is there any other authority to issue income and Assets certificate?.

    • Hello Arijit, you can visit to the BLRO office and tell all the matter to the BLRO officer complain about that staff, the officer may help you about this issue.

  29. Sir, my grandmother has totally 3.50 Katha land whose has two sons but they are not the owner of this land, so our total land is 3.50 Katha and we have no other land so am I eligible to apply ?

  30. Hello sir , i want to apply for EWS certificate in DWO office ,kolkata. But the problem is that sir i am a son of a tea seller and my father has not any salary slip or prove regarding his less income , yes we do have BPL ration card , i am too unemployed now , apart from this we are living in a colony area where mutation have not done yet so we don’t have any registered documents against our home .. please till the procedure what type of documents can be helpful for me to get a EWS certificate .. please do reply sir .. thank you

    • Hello, salary slip is not important, you can apply for Income Certificate from your local authority and use it with your EWS Application. For land records, please contact the DWO office, if they can provide an alternative option for this.

  31. Sir, Whether my daughter can apply for EWS certificate in this situation? If not, she will complete 18 years in October, 2020. What to do, please guide me.

  32. Respected sir/madam, I would like to know about EPIC sir. Should I need to submit this as I am a citizen of Kolkata by birth. I will be therefore highly obliged if I could know about this EPIC in more detail.

    • Hello Subhasree, EPIC card means Voter Card. I hope you/your parents have a Voter Card. Attach the photocopy of Voter card with your EWS application form.

  33. Sir, I have applied for ews certificate but have not received it yet, can I fill in any exam in ews, please reply

    • Hello SOMENATH, as you didn’t receive the EWS certificate till now, you cannot write EWS category on the Exam application form now.

  34. I am from kolkata .I apply EWS certificate in DWO office. If I apply central govt job(requirement applicetion )can be valid for dwo officer sign certificate?

  35. Sir I am Praseenjit Manna.I can apply Railway Group D exam Ews Category.But Iam Obc cast Holder.So What can i do In last Selection Period.Please ans me?

  36. Sir I belong to Muslim Seikh community which falls in the category of Obc but it is only state approved to the central government it is treated as general category
    So am I eligible for EWS certificate
    Please let me know. Thanking you

    • Hello Aktar, you cannot apply for EWS Certificate in West Bengal. This is because the caste certificate issued by the State Government and also the EWS Certificate also be issued by the State Government. As per caste you are a OBC candidate, so you cannot apply for EWS Certificate.

  37. Sir, Due to lock down period how I apply for EWS certificate? Do you extend the validity of last year EWS certificate? The GATE exam. result for admission in MTech in IITs, NITs
    has been declared on 13thMarch,2020. In this emergency situation you pl. consider and extend or is there any on line application something so that we are not deprived of getting admission

    • Hello Arun, you cannot apply for EWS Certificate due to this lockdown situation. Currently, the admission also closed for all the Universities. If any admission process will organise in this situation, you can use your existing EWS certificate with the application form.

  38. My daughter is aspirant of NEET 2020. While the counselling to get an EWS certificate benefit, is it mandatory to have her age below 18 years during the counselling provided that the certificate was issued when she was below 18 tears.


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