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Madhyamik 2015 examination will coming soon. So, for help the madhyamik 2015 candidates I posts a rough Madhyamik 2015 History suggestion for my friends. This suggestions will helps on your examination. I tried to selected minimum questions on this suggestion. My request read carefully all the topics from your book and then practice this History suggestion. For getting the Madhyamik 2015 History suggestion keep reading.

Some Selected questions for Madhyamik 2015 History subject.

1. What is ‘dastak’ ?
2. What was the Ryotwari Settlement ?
3. Mention reasons for the rise of Magadha in the sixth century B.C.
4. What is ‘Matsyanyaya’ in the history of Bengal ?
5. When was the Munich Pact signed ?
6. Who composed the National Anthem of India ?
7. In what way didi the mountain passes of the North West influence the course of Indian history ?
8. How didi synthesis of Hindu-Muslim culture take place in the field of architecture of Sultani period ?
9. Who were Young Bengal ? What were their aim ?
10. What do you understand by the term ‘Third World’ ?
11. What is meant by Directive Principles in the Indian Constitution ?
12. With what objectives didi the Cabinet Mission arrive in India ?
13. What is the importance of the Alipur Conspiracy Case ?
14. What is the significance of the Sarajevo Murder ?
15. What was the Communal Award ?
16. With what objectives was the Russo-German Non-Aggression Pact signed ?
17. What was Cold War ?
18. Discuss the contributions of Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar as social reformer.
19. Why were Muhammad Bin Tughluq’s projects of transfer of capital and currency reforms not successful ?
20. Write a note on the achievements of Dharmapala.
21. What was the position of women in the Vedic Society ?
22. What were the social and economic causes of protest movements of sixth century B.C. ?
23. Write a note about, Chola royal dynasty.
24. What wrest the causes of Babur’s victory in the First Battle of Panipath ?
25. Role of Indian Association in national awakening.
26. What is the importance of the movement for Non-alignment ?
27. Discuss the achievements of Chandragupta Maurya and his success history.
28. Causes conflict between Siraj and the English.
29. What battle is more important in the expansion of British empire.
30. What wrest the causes of the peasant revolts during the rule of the company in India ? Name of some tribal revolts.
31. Write the achievement briefly of Chandragupta II.
32. Name two commercial centers of the English in the Western coast of India. Which European power was the main rival of English in India ? What was the final outcome of their contest with the English ?
33. Mentions the causes of the Great Revolt of 1857.
34. Why Gandhiji link the Khiafat Movement with the Non-violent Non-cooperation Movement ? Can the Non-cooperation movement be termed a failure ?
35. What is Two-Nation Theory ?

36. What is the importance of Lahore Session of Muslim League ?
37. Causes of Naval Revolt of 1946 and its importance in National Movement.
38. Write an essay on the development of parliamentary democracy in India.
39. Analyse the causes of First World War.
40. What was the European background of national consciousness in the 19th century ?
41. Discuss the work of the early Congress.
42. Give a brief idea of Revolutionary Movement in Bengal in 1930-decade.
43. Write down the causes of rise of extremist politics in India at the beginning of 20th Century.
44. Brief idea about, Subhas Chandra Bose and Azad-Hind-Fauj.
45. Why is Raja Rammohan Roy called ‘the Pioneer of Morden India’ ?
46. Economics reforms of Ala-ud-din Khalji.

This is not a complete suggestion for examination. This list is only the importance questions for Madhyamik 2015 examination. Remember, suggestion taking is injurious to examination.

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