Percentile on West Bengal Higher Secondary 2018 Result Marksheet


West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE) will introduce Percentile on Higher Secondary (HS) 2018 Marksheet. New changes happened for HS 2018 Result. The student can now get their percentile score on their HS 2018 Marksheet. This Percentile score will help the students to take admission on any other State or any Foreign colleges.

Till last year, Percentile on West Bengal Higher Secondary result was available only when the students can check their HS result Online. There was no mention of Percentile on the Marksheet, since last year.

The president of West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education, Mauha Das confirmed that Percentile Rank will be mentioned on the Higher Secondary 2018 Result Marksheet and the Certificate. Until last year, West Bengal Higher Secondary (HS) marksheets contained the Subject wise Marks, Grade, and the Total marks. There was no mentioned of Percentile Rank. But now, HS 2018 Marksheets will mention the Candidates’ Percentile Rank.

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What is Percentile Rank for West Bengal HS 2018 Exam?

Percentile Rank is a percentage, which determines the Candidate’s position with compare to all total students. Total marks will be calculated by adding five highest subjects numbers in the Higher Secondary Examination. On the basis of this Total Marks, WBCHSE council will provide the Percentile Rank to the student.

Suppose, the percentile rank of a student is 84% on the basis of his/her total HS marks. This means, that student score better than 84% of the total candidates. If there was total 100 students seat for this examination, the rank of that specific students will be (100-84)=16, approximately.

Benefits of Percentile on Higher Secondary

Nowadays, Percentile is an important factor to admission on various Top Level colleges in India or in Foreign. Percentile Rank will require at the time of B.Tech admission on IITs and many others Colleges in India. For admission to Medical, Engineering, Law etc courses Percentile rank is mandatory.

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However, this Percentile process started from 2013, but it only available at the time of Online Result Checking, not available on the Marksheet, which provided by WBCHSE council. Now, this time West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education will mention this Percentile Rank on the Marksheet also.

This year West Bengal Higher Secondary 2018 Examination will be started from 27th March 2018. Click Here to Download HS 2018 Routine & Time Schedule. If you have any query, post it in the below comment section. Share this article to inform your friends about this new method.


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