West Bengal HS English MCQ Questions – Online Mock Test


West Bengal Higher Secondary English MCQ Questions Online Practice. Get the MCQ questions for WBCHSE HS Exam. West Bengal HS 2019 Online English Practice Test questions download. On the below questions list, we tried to add questions from all the chapters.

Practice the HS English MCQ questions and check your Exam Preparation for West Bengal HS 2019 Board Exam. The answer of each question available below to that question. So you can easily check it. Best of luck for your online Mock Test.

1. The narrator of the story was going to –

(a) Dehradun
(b) Mussoorie
(c) Dehradun via Mussoorie
(d) Mussoorie via Dehradun

Option – d


2. According to Ruskin Bond, the best time for visiting the hills is –

(a) September
(b) October
(c) November
(d) December

Option – b

3. One of the forbears of Kalam’s mother was awarded the title of –

(a) Bahadur
(b) Lord
(c) Knight
(d) Sir

Option – a


4. APJ Abdul Kalam’s own world was concerned with –

(a) missile technology
(b) science and war
(c) space Technology
(d) Science and Technology

Option – d


5. The boy wanted to buy –

(a) blue suit shoes
(b) black sucde shoes
(c) blue suede shoes
(d) black suit shoes

Option – c


6. The boy would never in his life –

(a) like Luella Bates
(b) remember Luella Bates
(c) forget Luella Bates
(d) dislike Luella Bates

Option – c


7. In the morning the Tsar for the hermit –

(a) sowing the seeds
(b) digging the beds
(c) sleeping on the bed
(d) talking with the wounded man

Option – a


8. The title Tsar belonged to –

(a) the President of Russia
(b) the king of Russia
(c) the king of Japan
(d) the king of India

Option – b


9. Bleeding bark will –

(a) not heal
(b) heal
(c) heal for years long
(d) heal, if properly cared

Option – b

10.”Miniature boughs / Which if unchecked will expand again.” – The word ‘Miniature’ means –

(a) very small
(b) small
(c) very big
(d) not so big

Option – a


11. The poet requests Nature –

(a) to lull the soldier to sleep
(b) to disturb the soldiers sleep
(c) to keep the soldier warm
(d) to make the soldier catch cold

Option – c


12. Silver is left on the grass by –

(a) the rain
(b) the stream
(c) the dew
(d) the sunlight

Option – b


13. The poet says that summer is –

(a) not eternal
(b) eternal
(c) constant
(d) hot and humid

Option – d


14. The sunshine makes the summer too hot –

(a) always
(b) seldom
(c) sometimes
(d) often

Option – c


15. The grasshopper is associated with the season –

(a) autumn
(b) winter
(c) spring
(d) Summer

Option – d

16. ‘The Poetry of Earth’ is written by –

(a) John Keats
(b) William Shakespeare
(c) Arthur Rimbaud
(d) Gieve Patel

Option – a


17. Lomov inherited his land form his–

(a) father
(b) father in law
(c) late aunt and her husband
(d) grandfather

Option – c


18. According to Lomov, a dog like Squeezer should not be more than –

(a) 25 roubles
(b) 30 roubles
(c) 35 roubles
(d) 40 roubles

Option – a


19. Chubukov is a –

(a) Merchant
(b) farmer
(c) lando-wner
(d) villager

Option – c


20. Lomov jumps up like a –

(a) lunatic
(b) horse
(c) Skipper
(d) frog

Option – a


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All the questions for this HS English Mock Test, taken from the textbook. So, if you cannot do well, read carefully your textbooks and practice questions banks.

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