CBSE Social Science Suggestion 2019 Download for Class 10 Students

CBSE Social Science Suggestion 2019 Download for Class 10 Exam. Social Science model question paper 2019. CBSE Social Science Suggestion class 10 question paper download. CBSE Social Science 2019 Question Paper Download. Important questions for CBSE Social Science Suggestion 2019 Exam.

CBSE Social Science

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class 10 Social Science 2019 Suggestion Download with most important questions. Social Science is the most important subjects for CBSE Class 10th Students in India. With a good preparation, you can easily score a better percentage on CBSE Class 10 Social Science Subject.

Download the CBSE Class 10 Social Science Suggestion with Sure Common in Examination. The CBSE Class 10th Social Science 2019 Exam will be held on March 2019, all over India. Students, who are currently studying in Class 10th, will seat for this CBSE Social Science 2019 Exam. Get the pdf of CBSE Social Science Suggestion 2019 with all the important questions.

Total marks for CBSE Class 10 Social Science 2019 Exam will be 80 and 20 marks for Internal Assessment. The question paper of CBSE Social Science will be prepared on the basis of the least syllabus published by the Central Board of Secondary Education. The chapter wise marks distribution given below,

Units Unit Name Marks
I Indian and the Contemporary World – II 20
II Contemporary India – II 20
III Democratic Politics – II 20
IV Understanding Economic Development 20
Total 80


The CBSE Class 10 Social Science Exam 2019 Question Paper will contain three types of Question – 1 Mark Questions (Very Short Answer Type), 3 Marks Questions (Short Answer Type) and 5 Marks Questions (Long Answer Type) with optional. Download CBSE Social Science Suggestion.

Suggestion, Click Here to Download CBSE Class 10 all Subjects Suggestion 2019.

Practice NCERT textbooks for better capture. From this website, you can get the most important questions and Suggestion for CBSE Social Science Exam 2019 Class 10.

CBSE Social Science Suggestion / Important Question 2019


1. What changes did Napoleon introduce to make the administrative system more efficient in the territories ruled by him? Describe any three steps taken by French revolutionaries to create a sense of collective identity among the French people?

2. Who hosted ‘Vienna Congress’ in 1815? Analyse the main changes brought by the Vienna Treaty. Give three examples to show the influence of culture On the growth of Nationalism in Europe.

3. “The first clear expression of nationalism came with the French revolution in 1789.” Explain the meaning of nationalism and throw light on the statement. What happened during the year following 1815 when the fear of repression drove many liberal nationalists underground? Explain.

4. Describe the process by which Italy/Germany was unified. Who was Cavour? Explain his contribution to the unification of Italy. Describe any three conditions that led to the formation of British Nation State. How did the disintegration of Ottoman Empire make Balkan region very explosive?

5. What was the condition of the colonial economy in Vietnam? Explain the steps taken by the French to solve the problem of the plague in Vietnam. Describe the ‘Rat Hunt’ activity introduced by the French in Vietnam.

6. Elaborate upon the role of women during War and Peace in Vietnam. Examine the reasons that forced America to withdraw from the Vietnam War. What was the Ho Chi Minh Trail? Explain the reasons for the popularity of ‘Go East Movement’.

7. why did Mahatma Gandhi find in ‘Salt’ a powerful symbol that could unite the nation? How did the Civil Disobedience Movement come into force in various parts of the country? how did women participate in the Civil Disobedience movement?

8. Explain in brief the ‘Dandi March’. Explain the reason and effects the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre. Explain the effect of First World War in India. Why did Gandhiji decide to withdraw the non-cooperation movement?

9. What were the ‘Corn Laws’? How was it abolished? Explain the three types of flows within the International economy in exchanges. State three reasons why European field to America in the 19th century. Enumerate the importance of Silk Routes. Explain the effects of the Great Depression of 1929 on the Indian economy.

10. How did the use of Technology transform food availability in Europe? What is G-77? What were it’s demand? How did the Handloom industry collapse in India under the British rule? Explain with examples the importance of advertisement in the marketing of goods. What type of problems faced by cotton Weavers of India?

11. What is meant by proto-industrialization? How did it affect the rural peasants and artisans? Describe various steps which were taken to clean up London. Why was the underground railway criticized in London? How has the earliest printing Technology developed in the world? How did print create the possibility of the wide circulation of ideas and decisions?

12. How does Daniel Dofoe’s ‘Robinson Crusoe’ justify colonialism? Describe the main features of the novel ‘Pariksha Guru’ written by Srinivas Das?


1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of multipurpose river project? Explain the reasons responsible for water scarcity in India. Describe any three different rainwater harvesting system practised in India. How were the underground tanks beneficial to the people of Rajasthan?

2. Describe the geographical conditions required for the growth of tea/cotton/sugarcane. Suggest any five measures to enhance agricultural production in India. Explain the importance of conservation of minerals.

3. Why should we use renewable energy resources? In present day Energy Crisis which steps will you like to take for saving energy? Analysis the role of the manufacturing sector in the economic development of India.

4. Describe any three major problems faced by the cotton textile industry in India. Why has the Chhota Nagpur region maximum concentration of iron and steel industries? What are software technology parks? State any two points of significance of IT industry in India.

5. Explain any three steps to be taken to minimise environmental degradation by industries. How does textile industry occupy evening position in the Indian economy, explain? Describe any three features of waterways in India.

6. Why is air travel more popular in the North Eastern states of India? What is trade? Explain the importance of international trade. How do modern means of transportation serve as lifeline of our nation?

Political Science

1. Why Sri Lankan Tamils feel alienated? how far do you agree with the statement that power sharing is keeping with the ‘Spirit’ of democracy? Differentiate between horizontal and vertical division of powers. Explain any five key features of federalism.

2. describe the division of powers between the centre and the state Government in India. describe any four constitutional steps taken in 1992 toward decentralization in India. What is a Gram Sabha? describe any four functions of a Gram Sabha.

3. How do social divisions affect politics? What did the black glove and raised clenched fists mean to? Why did athletes do so? Describe any five ways in which women in India are still discriminated and oppressed. What form does communalism take in politics?

4. Describe any five constitutional provisions that make India a secular. Explain any five reasons for the declining caste system in India. How can caste take different forms in politics? describe any five major functions of political parties.

5. Suggest and explain any five measures to Reform political parties. Why cannot modern democracies exist without the political parties? When is democracy considered successful? why do we feel that democracy is a better form of Government than any other form?

6. How are the challenges to democracy linked to the possibility of political reforms? Explain any five major challenges being faced by Indian democracy. Explain the ‘Challenge of Expansion’ to democracy.


1. Why is the territory sector becoming more important in India? Explain the three sectors of economic activities with the help of examples. Differentiate between public and private sectors. explain any five reasons for the growth of service sector in India. Describe any five provisions of ‘National Rural Employment Guarantee’ Act 2005.

2. How have our markets been transformed? How has Information and Communication Technology stimulated globalisation process? How are multinational corporations controlling and spreading their production across the world? How does exploitation of consumers take place in the market?

3. Which values make consumers more conscious and vigilant? How has the RTI Act passed in 2005 affected consumers in India? Why is sustainable development essential? How does it help to prevent Environment Degradation? Why is it necessary for banks and cooperative to increase their lending in rural areas?

4. why is modern currency accepted as a medium of exchange without any use of its own? What are demand deposits? mention three points of difference between the formal sector and informal sector loans. How do Banks play an important role in the economy of India? Describe the vital and positive role of credit with examples.

Suggestion, Click Here to Download CBSE Class 10 all Subjects Suggestion 2019.

To score a good percentage, at first read Carefully the NCERT textbooks and practice previous year question papers. You can also follow this CBSE 2019 Social Science Suggestion for a better score. Follow this CBSE Social Science Suggestion 2019 for a better result.

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