CBSE Science Suggestion 2019 Download for Class 10 Students

CBSE Class 10 Science Suggestion 2019 Download. Get the most important questions and suggestion for CBSE Science Exam 2019. CBSE Science Suggestion 2019 Download for class 10 students. NCERT important questions for Science 2019 Exam. Last Minute CBSE Class 10 exam suggestion download. CBSE Science Suggestion 2019 pdf download with sure common.

CBSE Science Suggestion 2019

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class 10 Examination will be held on March 2019. Download Suggestion for CBSE Class 10th Science Subject. Students who are currently studying in Class 10th under CBSE Board, all over India, will seat for their first Board Exam. Get all the important questions and Suggestion for CBSE Science Exam 2019 for Class 10 Students.

Know the tips and the important questions answers for CBSE Science Suggestion 2019 for Class10 Board Exam. The exam will be held on March 2019, so there are few months left in your hand. Start practising from now for a better result on CBSE Class 10 Science Subject.

The total written exam marks for CBSE Class 10 Science 2019 Exam will be 80 and 20 marks for internal assessment. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will prepare the question paper for class 10 Science Exam 2019 according to their latest syllabus. There are five units on the syllabus and the marks distribution is given below.

Units Unit Name Marks
I Chemical Substances – Nature & Behaviour 25
II World of Living 23
III Natural Phenomenon 12
IV Effects of Current 13
V Natural Resources 07
Total 80


Free download CBSE Science Suggestion for Class 10 with most important questions. The CBSE Class 10 Science 2019 Question Paper will contain the following types of questions – Very Short Answer Type (1 Mark), Short Answer Type-I (2 Marks), Short Answer TYPE-II (3 Marks) and Long Answer Type (5 Marks).

To score a better percentage on CBSE Class 10 Science Exam 2019 read carefully your NCERT textbooks first and practice questions banks. Here we tried to represent some most suggestive and Important questions for CBSE Science Exam 2019 for Class 10 Students.

CBSE Class 10 Science Important Questions

CBSE Science Suggestion 2019

1. Why do Fire flies glow at night? What is the decomposition reaction? Explain it with suitable example. What happens chemically when quicklime is added to water? How can we present corrosion on iron? What is Redox/combination reaction? Write down a chemical reaction representing it. Why we store silver chloride in dark coloured bottles?

2. write the steps for balancing the chemical equation for the formation of ammonia by the combination of Nitrogen and hydrogen. State the law of conservation of mass as applicable in the chemical reaction. What is the balanced equation? Why should chemical equation be balanced?

3. Why is hydrogen peroxide kept in coloured bottles? What does you mean by the exothermic and endothermic reaction? What happens when zinc strip is dipped in copper sulfate solution? When a chemical reaction considered double displacement reaction?

4. Give suitable reasons for the following statements : (i) rain water conducts electricity but distilled water doesn’t. (ii) we feel burning sensation in the stomach when we overeat. (iii) if tarnished copper vessel details it shine when rubbed with lemon. (iv) an aqua solution of sodium chloride is neutral but an aqua solution of sodium carbonate is basic.

5. Which has a higher pH value, 1 M HCl or 1 M NaOH Solution? How do [H+] ions exist in water? mention the range of pH of acidic solution basic solution and neutral solution respectively. How are this is different from alkalis? Are all bases alkalis? Hold one moist and one dry strip of blue Litmus Paper over dry hydrochloric acid gas. Who is strip will turn red and why?

6. write differences between metals and non-metals on the basis of chemical properties. Why Ca and Ga melt in our palm? Why Mg ribbon start floating in hot water? describe electrolytic refining of copper with chemical equation. Draw a well labelled diagram for it. How can sodium be obtained from NaCl? What is cinnabar? How is a metal extracted from cinnabar?

7. Differentiate between roasting and calcination process in Metallurgy. Show the formation of MgO by transfer of electrons. Illustrate the formation of Bond in – NaCl and MgCl2. Why sodium metal is kept in kerosene oil? Why Platinum gold and silver are used to make jewelry?

8. Differentiate between soap and detergent. Write the structural formula of Ethanol. What happens when it is heated with excess conc. H2SO4 at 443K? Write the chemical reaction. What is hydrogenation and write it’s industrial application? Write the role of concentrated sulphuric acid in making Ethane from ethanol. Which is better for health butter or vegetable oil and why?

9. What are the two properties of Carbon which lead to the huge number of carbon compounds we see around us? Give Example – Saponification reaction, Oxidation reaction. name and draw the chain structure and dot structure of first to alkenes. What is structural isomerism? Draw isomers of Pentane. What is the difference between the molecules of soaps and detergents, Kelly?

10. Why is the position assigning to hydrogen in the periodic table considered Anomalous? The atomic number of an element is 17. To which group and period does the element belong and determine its valency. Write two limitation of Mendeleev’s periodic table. How does the electronic configuration of an atom relate to its position in the modern periodic table? how does the atomic radius of the elements change on going from left to right in a period and down a group?

11. How does the metallic character of elements vary on moving down a vertical column? Why is atomic number considered to be a more appropriate parameters than atomic mass? Arrange Be, Ca, Mg and Rb the increase order of size of their respective atoms. write down five major differences between Mendeleev periodic table and Modern Periodic Table.

12. State differences between autotrophic and heterotrophic mode of nutrition. Where do plants get each of the raw materials required for photosynthesis? How are fats digested in our bodies and where does this process take place? Draw a well labelled diagram of human alimentary canal and label the important parts. Draw the human respiratory system and label the important parts.

13. Draw a labelled diagram of an excretory unit of human kidney. Draw a diagram of the cross-section of the human heart and label the important parts. What would be consequence of deficiency of haemoglobin in our bodies? State the difference between transport of materials in xylem and phloem. Differentiate between blood and lymph. Why do veins have thin walls as compared to arteries?

14. How does auxin promote phototropism? Why is abscisic acid called as stress hormone? Draw the structure of a neurone and label the important parts. Name two main parts of hind brain and state the function of each. Where are different receptors present in our body? Which hormone is called emergency hormone and how it helps in coping during the emergency.

15. Draw a neat diagram of human brain and label the important parts. What is the cause of diabetes and how it can be controlled? What are plant hormones? Give four different types of plant hormones and state their functions. What is phototropism describe an activity to demonstrate phototropism. What is vegetative propagation? state two advantages and two disadvantages of this method. Define reproduction. How does it help in providing stability to the population of species?

16. What is placenta and mention its role during pregnancy? What are the different methods of contraception? State briefly the changes that take place in a fertilized egg till worth of the child in the human female reproductive system. What happens to the egg when it is not fertilized? List any four steps involved in sexual reproduction and write its two advantages. Draw a longitudinal section of a flower and label the important parts.

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17. What are the different method of asexual reproduction? Why is DNA copying an essential part of the process of reproduction. How do Mendel’s experiment show that traits are inherited independently? Give the reason for the appearance of new combinations of characters in the F2 progeny. explain with the help of a figure that father is responsible for the gender of a child. How did Mendel explain that it is possible that a trait is inherited but not expressed in an organism?

18. Why did Mendel choose Garden pea for his experiment? Explain the importance of fossils in deciding evolutionary relationships. “Natural selection and specification leads to evolution.” justify the statement. Define evolution. Why are taiti acquired during the lifetime of an individual not inherited? “Solution and classification of organisms are interlinked.” Give reasons to justify the statement.

19. Define the following terms in the context of spherical Mirrors – Pole, Centre of curvature, aprincipal axis, Principal focus. Draw a ray diagram to show the principal focus of a concave mirror and convex Mirror. Define the radius of curvature of a spherical mirror. find the nature and focal length of a spherical mirror whose radius of curvature is +24 cm. The refractive index of Glass and water with respect to air are 3/2 and 4/3 respectively. The speed of light in glass is 2×108 m/s find the speed of light in water.

20. State the laws of refraction. Draw the diagram to show the formation of three times magnified real and virtual image of an object by converging lens. Make the position of O, at and 2F in each diagram. What is atmospheric refraction? Use phenomenon to explain the following natural events– twinkling of stars, advanced sunrise and delayed sunset.

21. describe an activity to show that the colours of quietly excreted by a glass prism can we be combined to get white light by another identical glass prism. A student has difficulty reading a blackboard while sitting in the last row. What could be the defect of the child suffering from and how can it be corrected? Lens of focal length 5.0 CM is being used by a student in the laboratory as a magnifying glass. She is least distance of distinct vision is 25 CM. What magnification is a student getting?

22. Explain why an inert gas like Argon is filled in bulbs. What is meant by the statement that the resistance of a wire is 1 Ω ? What is mean by potential difference? A hot plate connected to a 220V line has two resistance coils A and B, each of 22Ω resistance. Calculate the amount of electric current flowing when these coils are: used individually, connected in series, connected in parallel.

23. A circuit has a line of 5 ampere. How many lamps of rating 40W-200V can simultaneously run on this line safely? Derive the relation for equivalent resistance when resistance are connected in parallel. State Right Hand Thumb Rule and also draw diagram. What are magnetic field lines? List three characteristics of these lines. Describe in brief an activity to study the magnetic field lines due to a current flowing in a circular coil.

24. What is a solenoid? What is overloading and short-circuiting? What is the function of earth wire? Draw a labeled diagram of the domestic electric circuit. What is the role of fuse, used in series with any electrical appliance? Biogas also known as gobar gas- justify. Differentiate between renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy. Write the full form of CNG.

25. How charcoal is different from wood? Why LPG is considered as a good fuel? What is solar cell panel? name two elements that are used for making solar cell panels. write two advantages and limitation of dams for the production of hydroelectricity. Why do harmful Chemicals concentrate as we go up in the food chain?

26. Why are green plants called producers? Differentiate between biodegradable and nonbiodegradable substances. why is damage to Ozone Layer a cause for concern? What steps are being taken to Limit this damage? Which chemical damage the ozone layer? Why is the flow of energy in the food chain unidirectional?

27. Why is only 10% of energy made available to the next process level when green plants are eaten by herbivores? Write the full form of UNEP and CFC. Give the example of decomposers. State the advantages of conserving forest and wildlife. What is water harvesting and list its benefits? the construction of large dams leads to social and environmental problems – why? List four stakeholders of forests. What does it mean by biodiversity?

Suggestion, Click Here to Download CBSE Class 10 all Subjects Suggestion 2019.

This suggestion prepared by expert subject teachers. Hope you will get common from this suggestion on your first Board Examination. Read NCERT books and practice questions. You will definitely score a better percentage.

Team WebExam wishes you all the very best for your first Board Examination. If you have any query or questions, post it in the below comment box, we will try to help you at our best.

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