Higher Secondary Biology Suggestion 2016 | WBCHSE Suggestion Download

West Bengal Higher Secondary Examination 2016 will be started from February, 2016. Get a complete suggestion for West Bengal Higher Secondary Examination 2016 of Biological Sciences. Download the Biology suggestion for HS 2016 exam with important questions. Get Biology suggestion 2016 for Higher Secondary Examination.

wbchse biology suggestion 2016

Here a suggestion for Higher Secondary Biological Sciences examination 2016 is represent. Read carefully the complete suggestion and answer the questions. On the question paper the Group-A and Group-B contains all the short questions. So, for short questions read carefully your text book and practice the test papers.

Group – C

1. What is self-pollination? Write down two features of self pollination followers.
2. What is amniocentesis? Write down its significance.
3. Write down the laws of Heredity by Mendel.
4. Difference between DNA and RNA.
5. What do you mean by protostome and deuterostome ?
6. How AIDS transmitted?
7. Application of eugenics.
8. Discuss in brief the types of natural selection.
9. What is Bio-fertilization? Compare between bio fertilization and chemical fertilization.
10. Examples of pesticides. Causes of increase green house gases.
11. Application of bio technology in short.
12. Define gamma diversity. Causes of reduction of biodiversity.
13. What is biopiracy? Role of vectors in gene therapy.
14. Describe the process of conjugation in short.
15. Causes of Down Syndrome and its two syndrome.
16. Transmission process of malaria.
17. Give two examples of English Breed of queen. What is the composition of honey ?
18. What is SCP? Explain with example.
19. What is use of bioreactor? How is Agrobacterium fumifaciens useful in genetic engineering?
20. What is meant by ‘totipotency’, ‘explant’ ? Compare between fishery and piciculture.

Group – D

1. Mention three adaptive features of flower for self fertilization. Write significance of cross fertilization.
2. Describe in brief the physical structure of DNA according to the Watson and Crick model. What are the parts of lac-operon ?
3. What is transcription ? Describe in brief the initiation of transaction.
4. What is carbon cycle? Describe carbon cycle with the help of a flow diagram.
5. Process of fertilisation in human system. Write a note on placenta, pregnancy and embryonic development in human.
6. Define biomagnification and solid waste. Explain green house effect and its dangerous outcome.

Here I only represent the most important questions for Higher Secondary Examination 2016. I strongly advice to you read your text book carefully. If you have any problem please feel free to ask. Click Here for download the Higher Secondary 2016 exam suggestion of other subjects.

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