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Are you want Madhyamik 2016 examination suggestion ? Here is the one, download Madhyamik Geography Suggestion 2016. Get all the important questions for Madhyamik examination 2016. A special geography suggestion for WBBSE examination 2016 candidates. Get all the details information and probable questions, which may come in Madhyamik 2016 board examination. So keep reading the suggestion.

Madhyamik exam 2016 Geography Suggestion

Group -A

Identity the location on outline map of India.
Malabar Coast, Aravalli mountain, Jaipur, Petro-chemical industry, Jaipur, Satpura mountain, Vindhya mountain, K2, Kaveri river, Chotonagpur plateau, Godabori, Luni, Tapti, Koromondal coast, Meghalaya plateau, Chilka Lake, Tea producing region, Mango producing region, Kashmir valley, iron and steel manufacturing centre, Indira point, Mousimra.

Locate the position on outline map of Asia
Evergreen forest region, Mediterranean climate region, Tigris river, Oman sea, Marthaban sea, Baikal lake, Ural mountain, Hindu Kush mountain, Ladakh plateau, Tioga forest region, Jagros mountain, Maldives, Lakkha island, Saiberia, Armenian Knot.

Group -B

• For short questions (identity the correct answer/true false) read all the passages carefully and practice more more question papers.

Short Notes
Exfoliation, Flood rain, Time zone, Deccan trap, Allbedo, Oxidation, Ozone layer, Petro-Chemical industry, Tisco, Dun, Anticyclone, Satgasso sea, Inversion of temperature, Orographic rainfall, Barshan, Hanging valley, Inselbarch, Bias Ballot law, Mahikhat, Relative humidity.

Group -C

1) • When it is 08:30 p.m. Friday, 31st December 2015 A.D. at New York (74° West) what would be the local time, day and date at Kolkata (88°30′ East) ?
• When it is 7:30 a.m., Sunday at Allahabad (82°30′ E), local time of other place is 7:30 p.m., Sunday. What would be the longitude of the other place ?
• Distinguish between longitude and meridians of longitude.
• Distinguish between Perihelion and aphelion.
• What is antipode ? What is aurora ?
• Write about leap year. Local time.

2) • Discuss the origin of fold mountain with example.
• Distinguish between Weathering and Erosion.
• What is Hosty and Graben ?
• Describe glacial erosional features with sketches.

3) • Discuss the relationship between earth’s pressure belts planetary winds with a diagram and example.
• Specify any three causes of temperature variation of the atmosphere.
• What is horse island?
• Describe the currents od Pacific Ocean with suitable diagram.
• Discuss three river erosional features with sketches.

4) • Write down the classification of Weathering. Describe any one process of weathering.
• What is instillation?
• Explain the origin of tides and ebbs with diagram.
• Classification of plains? How inter-mountain plateau formed ?


5) • Explain the factors responsible for concentration of jute industry on either side of the river Hooghly.
• Why Ahmadabad call India’s Manchester?
• What is alloy iron?

6) • Difference between North Indian river and South Indian river.
• What is Green revolution?
• Irrigation in agriculture of India.

7) • Discuss the environment conditions favourable for tea/jute plantation in India.
• What is dhrian ?
• Mention three characteristic features of black soil.
• Write down the major causes behind the development of iron and steel industries in the eastern India.

8) • Write the names of physiographic divisions of India.
• Describe any one of this physiographic division.
• What is ancillary industries?


9) • Discuss the course and characteristic features of the East/North flowing rivers of Asis.
• Write down the the relationship between climate and vegetation of Equatorial region of Asia.
• Climate characteristic of monsoon and equatorial region of Asia.
• Describe the mountain ranges extended from Pamir Knot of Asia.
• Why the north flowing rivers of Asia are too much flooded?
• Which I the coolest and hottest area of Asia. What is Toiga and Selva ?
• Why Pamir plateau is called World’s roof?


10) • What features are affecting the climate change of West Bengal?
• Describe about the rivers on Sundarbon. What is Tarai and Duears?
• State difference between the rivers of the mountain and plateau of West Bengal.
• Describe the climate of West Bengal in winter.

11) • Why Egypt is called the gift if Nile? What is the effect of Nile on the agriculture of Egypt.
• What are reasons for development of industries in lake region of the U.S.A.

This is not a complete suggestion its only a outline of your study guide of Madhyamik 2016 examination. Here we publish only the questions, which are important for this year Madhyamik exam. Although we advice you read you text book carefully without depending upon any suggestion. Best of luck for your examination. For more suggestion of Madhyamik 2016,examination for various subjects, click here.

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