West Bengal College University Semester Exams Cancelled and New Home Assignment

West Bengal College University Semester Exams Cancelled. All the College and University semester exams for this current session will be cancelled in West Bengal. At first West Bengal Government requested to all the Colleges and Universities in West Bengal to arrange current Semester Examination for the Final Year students only.

West Bengal College University Semester Exams Cancelled

But recently Government of West Bengal Advisory Committee decided not to organise any semester exams for the Final Year students and the intermediate students also. As per UGC guidelines new session will star from September 2020, if everything things will be in under control.

How Result will Prepare?

Te Vice-chancellors from all the Universities in West Bengal decided together that, students will get marks according to their Previous Semester and Home Assignment.

The marka ratio will be 80:20, that means, 80% marks will be taken from the Previous Semester and 20% marks will be given as per Home Assignment or Project Work.

University may also arrange Online Test or Viva to assess students and give them marks.

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What if any Student not agree to this process?

If any Students do not agree to this process, then University/College will conduct examination separately for those students, when the College/University will open.

They have to apply through their college, that they want to seat for the examination. After applying for the examination, they cannot change their decision.

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When & How get the Official Notification?

Government of West Bengal published the official notification regarding the College and University semester examinations. Every university will publish the official notification regarding the semester exams on their official website.

Here is the detail information about the official notification published by West Bengal Higher Education Department.

1. There should be parity amongst all universities in the state with regard to the mode of evaluation of students in all the streams. For the students in the terminal semester / final year of general degree courses at UG/PG level, 80% weightage should be considered on the basis of the best aggregate percentage obtained by the candidate in any of the previous semesters’ / years’ (e.g. last five semesters in UG and last three semesters in PG) and 20% on internal assessment during the current semester/year, as adopted by the University.

2. The result of final year / semester may be declared perfectly within 31st July 2020.

3. For the professional courses like Engineering, Law, Management, Pharmacy, Teachers Training and other professional programs the Universities in the state, running professional courses, should have parity among themselves regarding the mode of grading/evaluation in the terminal semester by providing 80% weightage on internal assessment / mid-semester examination / best off aggregate of previous semester results and 20% on the basis of assignment based evaluation.

4. If a student wishes to appear in a formal examination instead of alternate evaluation method as stated above, he/she should be given an opportunity to apply for the same through a process to be notified by the concerned University. However, that said exam should be conducted only after the situation gets normalised and the result of the said special exam may be published within one month of the examination being held. The final result marks should be revised as per the student’s performance in the special examination, irrespective of whether he/she secures more or less marks then what is awarded to him/her through alternate evolution method. 

5. For the intermediate semesters/years, all students shall be promoted to the next semester/year.

6. The commencement of the next academic seasons shall be decided by the state government when the situation will normalise. The commencement date to be declared shall be uniform for all state Universities and binding as well.

7. The portion of academic season 2019-2020 affected by the imposition of lockdown should be treated as ‘classes attended’ by all the students/research scholars.

8. There should be no enhancement in fees and no extra fees will be charged in the name of measurement through online mode etc.

9. Netaji Subhas Open University should adopt the procedure to be followed by other open universities in the country including IGNOU and keep the government informed.

Download the Official Notification published by WBHED – Click Here

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