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Are you searching for Higher Secondary 2016 English suggestion ? Here a complete suggestion of English for H.S 2016. Get a list of suggestive questions, paragraphs and other writing skill. Download H.S 2016 English suggestion.

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Here only the questions which carries six marks are mentioned. For short questions read the text carefully. Each question carries 6 marks and answer in about 100 words.

The Eyes Have It

1. Justify the title and the story.
2. Describe the narrator’s feeling as the girl got ready to get down.
3. “Can you tell…..short?” – What answer did the speaker get ?
4. “The man who….my reverie” – Who was the reverie? Who broken it and how ?
5. “Then I made a mistake” – What was the mistake? How the girl react?
6. How was the narrator impressed by the girl? How did the narrator try to hide this blindness ?
7. Write your view about ending of this story.

Strong Roots

1. What did Kalam’s father say about adversity?
2. What would Kalam’s father do daily in the morning ?
3. What was Kalam’s father response to his son’s query about prayer?
4. Why does Dr. Kalam feel that he had a secure childhood?
5. What picture of communal harmony is presents in ‘Strong Roots’?

Thank you Maa’m

1. What did Mrs. Jones do after taking Roger home?
2. Describe the character of Roger.
3. How did the lady in ‘Thank you Maa’m’ transform the boy into a honest person ?
4. “The boy wanted….’Thank you, ma’ma…” – Who was the boy ? Why did the boy want to say something else to the women ?

Three Questions

1. What are the three questions ? To whom did the questions occur and from whom did he get the answer ? What were the answer given by the hermit ?
2. “Here comes someone running” – What happened to the person spoken off ?
3. How the the enemy of Tsar became his friend ?
4. “You have already been answered” – How had the Tsar been already answered ?

On Killing a Tree

1. How does Patel describe different stages of killing a tree.
2. How does the bleeding tree heal itself ? How to Patel protest against the felling of trees ?
3. How is the resilience of the tree described in the poem.

Asleep in the Valley

1. Write down the summary of the poem.
2. How does Rimbaud describe the valley ?
3. “….His smile / Is like an…guile” – Write down the significance of the comparison.
4. ‘Asleep in the valley’ is a poem about war- about the futility of war – discuss briefly.

Shall I Compare three to a Summer’s Day ?

1. Who are compared in the poem and how ?
2. How does Shakespeare immortalise his friend’s beauty?
3. What does the poet want to convey in the concluding couplet of this sonnet ?
4. “Son long lives….three” – What does ‘this’ refer to ? What does ‘this give a life to and how ?

The Poetry of Earth

1. Write down the substance of the poem.
2. How does Keats celebrate the poetry od the earth ?
3. How does a grasshopper keep alive the music of the earth in the summer ?

The Propsal

1. What is the theme of the drama ?
2. Discuss the character of Chubukov.
3. Why did the peasant come to the landlord?
4. Comment on Lomov’s soliloquy after Chubukov has left.
5. How does Lomov and Natalya finally get married?
6. Make a brief sketch of social life presented in the play.


1. Do as Direct.
Voice Change, Narration Change, Joining, Split up, Degree Change, Sentences, Clause,

2. Error correction
Practice more from test papers. More you practice more you able to do it easily.

Writing Skill

1. Report Writing
a. Educational Tour
b. Blood donation Camp
c. Annual Exhibition
d. Cleaning drive to fight Dengue
e. Teacher’s Day
f. Annual prize giving ceremony
g. Tree plantation programme
h. Teacher’s Farewell
i. Bus accident
j. Natural disaster – earthquake

2. Business Letters
a. Enquiry about price of goods
b. Claiming for damaged or defected product
c. Placing order for some goods.
d. Cancelling a order for some goods

3. Editorial Letter
a. Increase corruption in India
b. High Price rise
c. Growing unrest among students
d. Reply for an advertisement published on newspaper
e. Use of plastic bag
f. Harmful chemical in foods item
g. Bad condition of Government Hospital

This is only a outline for Higher Secondary 2016 English suggestion. You are strongly advice to read carefully the complete syllabus. Never depend on any suggestion. For more suggestion of Higher Secondary 2016 examination Click Here. Best of luck for your examination.

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