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Download NSOU BDP Assignment 2019 for Elective and Subsidiary Papers. Netaji Subhas Open University Honours course Assignments download for all BA, BSc and BCom courses. NSOU BDP Assignment with answer download. Netaji Subhas Open University December 2019 & June 2020 Question Paper cum Answer Booklet (QPAB) download.

NSOU BDP Assignment Download

Netaji Subhas Open University (NSOU) is a well-known State University in West Bengal for distance education. This university currently providing various Bachelor Degree Program (BDP), Post Graduate Program (PG), B.Ed Program and Certificate Program for students. Netaji Subhas Open University is a UGC approved University, so its certificates have the same value than any other regular University.

Students who enrolled for Bachelor Degree Program (NSOU) in Netaji Subhas Open University have to submit Assignment Papers to their Study Centre within 30th January 2020.

Download NSOU BDP Assignment December 2019 & June 2020 and know all the guidelines about how to write NSOU Assignment, which papers, Assignment front page etc. Also, learn about the weightage marks of NSOU BDP Assignment December 2019 & June 2020.

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What is the NSOU BDP Assignment?

The assignment is the homework for the BDP (Honours) students before sitting the Final written Examination. You have to download the assignment question paper from the NSOU website (or from our website) or collect from your Study Centre. Write the answers to each question paper on A4 pages and attach a front page. Now submit the Assignments to your Study Centre.

Is it mandatory to submit NSOU BDP Assignment?

Yes, you must have to submit the Assignments (as per your subject) to your Study Centre. Otherwise, you cannot seat for the Final Written Examination. This is the key to your Final Examination.

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What is the value of NSOU Assignment Marks?

Netaji Subhas Open University BDP Assignment plays a vital role to increase your overall percentage at the end of the season. The number which you obtained in the Assignments, it’s 30% marks will be added to the final marksheet.

So, if you prepare your Assignments carefully and answer the questions, you will get good marks in Assignment, it’s 30% marks will be added to your written marks.

Example: Let’s you got 40 out of 50 in Assignment and 35 out of 50 in Final Written Exam. Then your final marks will be calculated in this process, [(40×30%)+(35×70%)]=36.5 out of 50.

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Which Assignment papers will I write for my 1st/2nd/3rd year?

Currently, these subjects are available for Netaji Subhas Open University (NSOU) Bachelor Degree Program (BDP) Course – Bengali, Botany, Chemistry, Commerce, Economics, Education, English, Environmental Studies, Foundation Courses, Geography, History, Mathematics, Physics, Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology, Zoology and Application Oriented Course (AOC).

You have to write the following Assignment papers in 1st, 2nd and 3rd year.

YearFor B.Sc CourseFor B.A & B.Com Course
1st YearFBG, FEG, FHS, E1, E2, E3, E4, E5, ENVSFBG, FEG, FHS, E1, E2, ENVS
2nd YearFST, E6, E7, E8, E9, E10, S1FST, E3, E4, E5, S1
3rd YearE11, E12, E13, E14, S3, AOC, E15, E16E6, E7, E8, S2, S3, AOC

You can also check your Studentship Certificate/SLM Certificate to know the Subject papers.

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What is the last date of Assignment Submission?

The last date of NSOU BDP Assignment Submission is 7th March 2020. It may differ as per your Study Centre. So contact your NSOU Study Centre regarding Assignment Submission last date.

How to write NSOU BDP Assignment?

Follow the below tips to write Netaji Subhas Open University Honours course Assignment for December 2019 & June 2020 season.

1. From this year NSOU introduced Question Paper cum Answer Booklet (QPAB) for the Assignment papers. So, download it from their website or from here. (No papers will distribute from study centre.)

2. Take a print out the QPAB Assignment papers and the write the answers on this Question paper (specific space is given). Must write your Name and Enrollment No. in the given box.

3. Write the answers in Blue or Black pen only. Try to avoid multiple colours.

4. Must mention the Question numbers clearly before answering any questions. Otherwise, your number will be deducted.

5. Follow all the instructions carefully to write answers on Question Paper cum Answer Booklet (QPAB). Make your Assignment paper neat and clean with readable handwriting.

6. No need to attach any front page or top sheet on these assignment papers.

7. Submit all the assignments before the last date and collect the Submission receipt copy.

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Download NSOU BDP Assignment

You have to download the NSOU Assignment Question Paper cum Answer Booklet (QPAB) from NSOU official website. You can also download it from our website also (link is given below).

BengaliClick Here
BotanyClick Here
ChemistryClick Here
CommerceClick Here
EconomicsClick Here
EducationClick Here
EnglishClick Here
Environmental StudiesClick Here
Foundation CoursesClick Here
GeographyClick Here
HistoryClick Here
MathematicsClick Here
PhysicsClick Here
Political ScienceClick Here
Public AdministrationClick Here
SociologyClick Here
ZoologyClick Here
AOCClick Here

Here E refers to Elective (Honours) Subject and S refers to Subsidiary Subject. FBG, FEG, FHS & FST are the Foundation Courses.

How to check NSOU Assignment Marks?

Assignment papers will be evaluated by your Study Centre. After complete evaluation Study Centre will return the evaluated assignment papers to the students. Students can check their marks from that Assignment Copy. Remember 30% of this Assignment Marks will add to your final marks. Generally, study centres will distribute the evaluated assignment copy from February 2020.

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What will happen if I don’t submit Assignment?

If you will Submit your Assignment within the prescribed period to your Study Centre you cannot seat for the Final Examinations, which will be held on June 2020.

In which language will I write the Assignment?

Many Netaji Subhas Open University (NSOU) students confused about this matter. They can’t understand in which language (Bengali/English) they will write their BDP Assignment. Generally, you can use any language to write the Assignment either Bengali or English. But always stick with one language for each paper. Try to make your answer sheet neat and clean. This will increase your marks.

Study Materials for NSOU BDP Assignment Answers?

If you already got the books (Study Materials) then you can write the answers from books. You can also take help of the Internet to write the answers. Use only a single language either English or Bengali to write the answers.

New system i.e. Question Paper Cum Answer Booklet (QPAB) will be introduced in the coming Term End Examination. To get the candidates acquainted with the new system, now assignment answer is to be given in the specific space according to the instructions.

This is the complete information guidelines about Netaji Subhas Open University (NSOU) BDP Assignments. You can post your queries in the below comment box.

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