Primary TET Complete Panel List Download & Important Dates for 4th Panel List

Get all the updated information about West Bengal Primary TET 2014 panel list of selected candidates. The first and second empanelled list already published on the Board’s website. Know the exact date of publishing the next panel list for Non-trained candidates of Bengali medium. Know more about the reporting process and counseling steps. Information about the next panel list date.

Primary TET Panel List


The most awaited Primary TET 2014 panel list is published now. On 31st January evening, the first Panel list was published and the selected candidates were informed by SMS and email. This first-panel list only for the candidates, who have the D.Ed training certificate. From the next day counseling started and the joining also. According to the chairman of WBBPE board, the complete Panel list of Primary recruitment will be published step by step.

Click Here to Download WB Primary TET 2014 4th Panel List for 16,500 Candidates

At first, the results were not available on the website, the information only sends to the selected candidates. Total candidates selected on the first list are 11,700 trained candidates. Click here to know online application process and eligibility Criteria for Primary TET 2017 Exam.

On 4th February 2017 evening, WBBPE Board published the Second Panel list for the Primary teacher recruitment. This panel list for the Non-trained candidates of mediums (Hindi, Nepali, Urdu, Santali etc) other than Bengali. Now selected candidates can check is he/she empanelled or not empanelled on the official website, On the second panel list, nearly 5300 candidates were selected for Primary Teacher recruitment.

As the total vacancies were nearly 42,000 the remaining vacancies will be selected by publishing another two Panel list. The 3rd and 4th Panel list will contain the name of Non-trained candidates who will be selected for counseling of Primary Teachers.

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It is expected that the third-panel list will be published on 8th February. on the website. The counseling will be started from the next day. Nearly 10,000 candidates recruit by this 3rd Panel List.
The fourth Panel list will be published shortly. Selected candidates are invited to counseling and the next day they can join at the school.

The information is not for any official source so the dates may vary. You are requested to keep touch with on Facebook for the latest information about Primary TET recruitment. Post your question in the comment box, we will try to help you at our best.

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53 thoughts on “Primary TET Complete Panel List Download & Important Dates for 4th Panel List”

  1. Sir, I didn’t check my TET 2014 Result which was published in 2016. Due to some medical issues. Is there any way to check it now.

    • Na eta official website noi. Eta fake website. West Bengal Board of Primary Education (WBBPE) er official website holo,

  2. Sir i have heard that some candidates will be recruited through the letter recently in february and wb gov. Passed the ordered sheet to every dist on 31st jan 2018.have u any information about it?

    • Hello Pranabesh, we don’t have any official information about this. If there will be any updates available in future, we will inform you.

    • Hello Biswajit, till now there is no chance to publish any merit list for Primary TET 2014. But it’s now the official info.

  3. Sir,i have heard that 4th list already published and howrah, hoogly,burdawan dist candidate are recruited.have u any information about it?and plz tell me when purbamedinipur will be listed out?

    • Hello Pranabesh, a list of some candidates published for Primary TET 2014 recruitment. It’s not fourth merit list. Some candidates applied RTI for their Primary TET 2014 answers sheet and due to this, some marks increases after this RTI/Review. So,
      they come into the merit list after increasing their TET marks and listed for recruitment.

  4. Hello Sajjad, after long time again I want to know that you are telling that 4th list will not be published.. so without publishing any list the remaining appointment is taking place gradually?? Also please inform that DL Ed training last date is 15/09/17. do you know that it will be extended again? Too urgent to know, kindly inform.

  5. Hello Sagir, I never said that that the complete vacancies of 42K+ was filled up.
    According to the Education Minister, the Primary TET 2017 notification will be published on May, 2017. So, I think there will be no more any new recruitment through TET 2014.

  6. Hello Sajjad, it means you want to say that all 42K+ is recruited and completed. Where there is no official notification then based on what documents you are giving this crucial statement? need your actual feed back if you know.

  7. The 4th Panel List of Primary TET 2014 already published. It's only for the Trained and Primary Para-Teacher candidates (who were not selected before). There is no any chance for the Non-trained candidates.

  8. Sir please tell me that is their any possibility to publish forth list. If so then when it will publish? And there are any possibility the not empanelled candidate can be empanelled.

  9. মাননীয়,
    শ্রী মানিক ভট্টাচার্য্য
    পর্ষদ সভাপতি
    পশ্চিমবঙ্গ প্রাথমিক শিক্ষা পর্ষদ
    পশ্চিমবঙ্গ সরকার

    দয়া করে বলবেন? 2 Year D.Ed. In Special Education আছে এমন candidate-দেরকে empanelled না করার পেছনে কী কারণ??? কোন কারনে তাঁরা অযোগ্য বিবেচিত???


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