Best 8 Signs You might be a Genius, Intelligent & Extraordinary Person

Since childhood, many of us have a question about our intelligence level. We all wanted to know I am I a genius person or not. I mean at least I wanted to know. And I am sure many of you also have the same question. Learn how to recognize genius.

Only 2.7% of the world’s total population, are extraordinary and standing out of the crowd. With a bit of self-study and think you can find out that you are a genius or not. Many experiments have been conducted to find that out and some common behaviors have been observed among the people, who are really genius.

Read the below list and you will know if you are extraordinary and genius or just an average person.

1. You talk to Yourself.

If you frequently talk to yourself with your passive mind, then this can be a sign of genius. For many people, this is a weird think but the study says that people who talk to himself their mind is continuously going and there mumble about problem dialogues and ideas.

2. You like to Read and Learn.

Genius people never stop learning and never stop reading. They are curious about everything. If you spend your maximum time by reading books or latest article on the internet then you might be a genius person. Because this is a characteristic of a genius person. They never stop questioning and trying to find out its answer.

3. You love Challenging Yourself.

If you love to play trivia, words game, illusions and always challenging yourself then you are a genius. Because a genius person always observed with challenging them self and try to solve problems. They always try to find out new ways of any problem. This is a typical genius behavior.

4. You take your Time.

If you are doing your work slowly, you are not always lazy. This might be a sign that, you are a genius. People, food take in bit longer time to complete their goals, they at first think about it and try to do it perfectly. It a methodical approach to coming closer to your goals.

5. Prefer to be Alone.

A study called “How intelligence, population density and friendship affect modern happiness” published in a British journal of psychology. This journal says that people with high IQ feel comfortable in their own company.
Experiments say that being alone will make you emotionally more powerful and a thinkful person with any boundary. This will increase your intelligence level.

6. You are Forgetful.

Sometimes forgetfulness is a sign of genius people. This is because intelligent people all time overloaded their brain with Complex knowledge, trying to search answer of any question. So they can easily forget many common things and make mistakes.

7. You worry too much.

Unique thought that genius people are very much confident about their work but it is totally opposite. Geniuses are full of doubt. They have doubt about every answer and also they worry about it. Sometimes lack of confidence level also seen among genius people. They are always trying to do any work perfectly. For that reason, they worried after doing anything.

8. You have Brown Eyes.

From Vegas experiment,s it noticed that people with brown eyes are comparatively more smart, intelligent than the people who have other eye colour. So if you have brown eyes then you might be a genius and different from others for your intelligence level.

These are some common signs that can be found in a genius person. If you do not fall among any of these 8 points, don’t worry – start treating yourself as a genius and computer task, follow your duties, responsibilities and work for your goal, you genius.

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According to Einstein, “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to Climb a Tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid”. Remember if you’re reading this article carefully from the first to last, then you are the actual genius.

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