Higher Secondary English


    You are welcome to higher secondary 2018 English MCQ type questions.

    1. In October The Hills are covered with–
    2. The girl was to get down at–
    3. The lady wanted make cocoa out of –
    4. Kalam used to living there–
    5. The most sensitive part of the tree is–
    6. 'leprous hide' means–
    7. Lomov comes to Chubukob's house–
    8. What has the frost wrought?
    9. The eternal Summer of the poet's friend can be maintained–
    10. Silver that is seen on the grass is–

    The word 'heaven' here stands for the –

    12. The girl had Beautiful eyes but they were of no use because–
    13. The question that APJ Abdul Kalam asked his father once was about–
    14. The name of Natalya's dog is –
    15. Natalya opined that the Meadows were worth perhaps–
    16. Lomov suffers from –
    17. 'Shall I Compare Thee To a Summer's Day' is sonnet no–
    18. The dead soldier was–
    19. To kill a tree–
    20. The wounded man planned to–


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