WB Health Staff Nurse Mutual Transfer Online Application Process

Apply Online for WB Health Staff Nurse Mutual Transfer. West Bengal Health and Family Welfare Department already started the Online Mutual Transfer process for Staff Nurses of Government Hospitals in West Bengal. Now Staff Nurses can apply online for mutual transfer after completion of their one year of service at the present place of posting. Learn the WB Health Staff Nurse Mutual Transfer Online Application Process.

WB Health Staff Nurse Mutual Transfer Online Application Process

Know the complete online application procedure and required documents for Mutual Transfer. Generally, it will take 2 to 4 months to publisher mutual transfer list of Staff Nurses in WB.

To make the complete process easier and hassle-free, West Bengal Health Department started this online process, where Staff Nurses can register themselves and search for Mutual Transfer on her preferable Hospitals.

Eligibility for Staff Nurse Mutual Transfer

According to the notice number, HNG/9T-4-2015/Pt.-I/357, dated 7.4.2016, published by West Bengal Health and Family Welfare Department, a Staff Nurses can apply for mutual transfer after completion of one year of service at their present place of posting.

Staff Nurses working in SNCU, ITU, CCU, Dialysis, OT, Labour Room, Neonatal Unit, Cath. Lab etc units in different hospitals after undergoing speciality training may apply for mutual transfer only with a Staff Nurse having similar training.

WB Health Staff Nurse Mutual Transfer Online Application

West Bengal Health Department started Online Nursing Database website, where every Staff Nurses has to Register themselves. The online mutual transfer application also be done through this nursing database website. Follow the steps to apply online.

Register on Nursing Database

At first, you have to Register yourself on the West Bengal Health Nursing Database. For registration visit, website and then click on the New User – Sign Up link. [Link is Given Below]

WB Nursing Database sign up

Now Enter Employee ID (As Per Payslip) and Mobile Number to get the OPT on your phone. Then create your Username and Password for this website. Now Sign In with your Username and Password on the WB Nursing Database.

Nursing Personal Data Entry

After Sign into the website, you can see the option ‘Nursing Data Entry’ on the menu bar, under this menu click on the ‘Nurse Details’ Link. Now fill the complete application form, with your details.

You have to fill your Name, Father’s Name, Nursing Council Registration Number, Date of Joining, place of Joining (Hospital), Designation, Training details, Address etc.

Fill all the information and Save it. Now Print the the Application Form for the Next Step.

Submit the Printed Application Form at Hospital

Now you have to submit the printed Application Form to the Superintendent of your current Hospital for the Approval process. Attach the following copies of documents with this Application Form.

WB Health Staff Nurse Mutual Transfer Online Application Process
  1. Age Proof Certificate (Madhyamik Admit Card / PAN Card).
  2. Nursing Council Registration Certificate.
  3. Copy of Aadhar card.
  4. Higher Secondary Pass Certificate.
  5. Appointment Letter.
  6. Joining letter of Current Service.
  7. Training Certificates (if any).
  8. Caste Certificates (if any)

Generally it will take 1 to 2 weeks to verify all your documents and Approve your Nursing Database account.

Apply for Mutual Transfer

After getting approval on Nursing Database, now you are eligible to apply for Online Mutual Transfer. Now from the above menu bar, click on ‘Transfer Prayer Details’ option and then fill the Mutual Transfer Details application form. This application form will contain the following information –

  • Transfer type – Mutual / Normal
  • Preferable Choice of Posting District
  • Preferable Choice of Posting Hospital
  • Mutual Transfer With – you can view the name of Staff Nurses, who want to Mutual Transfer with you.
  • Mention In Service Training Details
  • Contact Number
Transfer Prayer Request Nursing database wb

Now Save your Mutual Transfer application. Then contact with the Staff Nurse, whom you selected for your Mutual Transfer. Her contact number will be available on the Nursing database website.

Tell her to accept your Mutual Transfer invitation. When she will accept your invitation, your Nursing Mutual Transfer process is complete. Now, wait for the WB Health Department Approval. No need to visit anywhere (Swasthya Bhavan) to submit your documents. The complete process is online.

Check Application Status

You can also check your Nursing Mutual Transfer Application Status by visiting the Nursing Database website. Just Login to the website and you will check your application status Pending or Approved.

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Final Approval Process

After completing all the above steps, you have to wait 2 to 3 months for the final approval from West Bengal Health and Family Welfare Department (Swasthya Bhavan). They will publish a list of Staff Nurses on their official website, www.wbhealth.gov.in. Staff Nurses, who applied for Mutual Transfer and their applications approved. Now they can join to the other Hospital through Mutual Transfer.

When the final list will publish, contact with your Partner (with whom you will Mutual Transfer) and join to your new hospital as a staff nurse.

Apply Online for WB Health Staff Nurse Mutual Transfer Online – Click Here

West Bengal Nursing Zone Listing

West Bengal Health and Family Welfare Department, divided the complete West Bengal into Four Medical zones. The Johns are given below.

wb nursing zone listing

Helpline Information

If you need any help or information regarding nursing database registration or online mutual transfer application you can call DDHS(Nursing) & Nodal Officer IT (Nursing) Phone No 03323330237. You can also send email to minakshidas725@gmail.com mentioning your query.

Hope this information regarding West Bengal Staff Nurse Mutual Transfer Online Application, will help you. Post your questions in the below comment box, will definitely try to help you at our best.

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21 thoughts on “WB Health Staff Nurse Mutual Transfer Online Application Process”

  1. Hi iam already apply my mutual transfer application in online…iam working at Begnaberia PHC under Amlat BPHC,Sutahata…but my higher authority not approved the preyar…I request them many times…and also running this matter 3 months in aro nothing is happening…now what can I do….??

    • Hello Tanuja, contact your higher authority regarding this issue and request them to approve your Nursing Database info. Try to understand his/her exact report about your approval. If nothing happened, contact Swasthya Bhavan.

  2. I have applied for mutual transfer in Feb last week so can u plz tell me after how many days mutual transfer list comes out…i need transfer very urgently…or what I have to do further for urgent transfer??
    Plz help me

    • Hello Pamu, WB Health Department will take approx 2 months to publish Mutual transfer list. This time will depend upon the number of total applicants also. When a certain amount of applications they received for Mutual transfer, they will publish the list.

  3. My date of joining was 8th April 2019…Am I able to apply for mutual transfer…..as 1 yr of my joining is not complete

    • Hello Tumpa, yes you can apply for mutual transfer if your current Institution approves your Nursing Database data.

  4. My friend joined on march 2019..and already mutually transferred from her first posting to that hospital…can she now apply for mutual transfer again..?? If yes what process she has to follow..??if not,Then how many days she needed to do apply mutual transfer..??

    • Hello Sourini, it depends upon to the Hospital, where your friend is currently working. If the Super allow her for further mutual transfer, then she can apply again otherwise, she has to wait for a specific period (as per the hospital norms).

  5. I also want to know after how many days i will apply 2nd time mutual prayers… And first mutual prayers which was already list out how i cancel it

    • Hello Puja, at first cancel your 1st Mutual request by visiting Swasthya Bhawan. After that, you can apply freshly for Mutual Transfer again.

  6. Respected authority, i am puja my mutual transfer list out. But till last week of February i am in maternity leave… Inbetween my mutualar who’s move Was first… Her senior authority did not give the release because I’m in maternity leave…. Another side she also selected for cho post. This class also be started February 1st week…. Now what m i do…. Please guide me

    • Hello Puja, contact with the SN, with whom you are going to Mutual Transfer. If she wants to go for CHO training, then her Mutual request will be cancelled. Contact once at Swasthya Bhavan for more information.

    • Hello Prasenjit, if both (you & the other one) of you are not going to the Mutual Transfer, contact with your HOI (Super) and request for cancellation. You may visit to Swasthya Bhavan.

  7. My nursing database is not approved by local authority,so I cant apply through online process.My all data has been submitted and that print out copy also submitted to office, Madhyam gram rural hospital.but it’s not updated till now.so how could i apply through online?please give me your suggession and obliged me.

    • Hello Sutapa, contact with your local authority (Head of your Hospital) and request him/her to approve your Nursing database account. Without having an approved Account, you cannot apply for Mutual/General Transfer.


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