Higher Secondary Biology Suggestion 2015 | WBCHSE Suggestion

West Bengal Higher Secondary examination 2015 will be held on the March. A last minute suggestion is published for High Secondary candidates 2015. WBCHSE Higher Secondary Examination 2015 Biology suggestion.

Higher Secondary 2015 Biology Suggestion.

1. Describe the phases of DNA replication.
2. Describe briefly the histological structure of human ovary with a labelled diagram.
3. Describe transcription process.
4. How malaria transmitted by the mosquitoes ?
5. Discuss the effect of greenhouse gases on the environment.
6. Write the causes of depletion of ozone layer.
7. Importance of Biodiversity conservation.
8. What is Amniocentesis ? State the importance.
9. Importance of tissue culture.
10. Hardy-Weinbrg principle.
11. Describe the structure of nucleosome.
12. What is DPT ? Difference between active and passive immunity.
13. What is Human insulin ?
14. Beta oxidation of fatty acid.
15. What is pleiotropy ?
16. What is SCP ?
17. What is gene pool ?
18. What is cDNA ?
19. Show schematically the food web in a grassland.
20. Explain the concept of Joint Forest Management in the light of Chipko movement. Mention some hazards of radioactive pollutants on human health.
21. Discuss briefly about AIDS.
22. What is ‘double fertilization’.
23. Write about cross pollination.
24. What is static hybridization ?
25. Explain any three methods of birth control in human.
26. Concept of multiple allelic inheritance by ABO blood system.
27. What is NACO ?
28. Importance of tissue culture.
29. Difference between B-cell and T-cell.
30. Draw a diagram of a antibody.
31. What is ascariasis ? Describe the transmission if this ascariasis.
32. Show schematically the life cycle of Ascaris lumbricoides.
33. Example of Biological evolution.
34. What is Bt. cotton ?
35. Characteristic features of entomophilous flower.
36. Write about Turner’s Syndrome.
37. State the role of microbes in sewage treatment.

This is a short last minute suggest for Higher Secondary (WBCHSE) 2015 examination on Biology subject. Students are advice to read their tet books carefully for better score in the exam. This suggestion is a way out only.

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