Madhyamik 2017 New Exam Format with MCQ type questions | WBBSE Madhyamik Sample Question Download

The question pattern of Madhyamik 2017 examination will be changed. WBBSE board announced the new pattern of West Bengal Madhyamik 2017 exam. Get all the details information about question pattern and new circulation. Know more about MCQ type questions on West Bengal Madhyamik 2017 exam. Download the new sample question papers for Madhyamik 2017 examination.

Madhyamik 2017 question format

West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE) recently published a circular about the new examination pattern of Madhyamik 2017. According to this circular, the question pattern of Madhyamik 2017 exam will be changed and there will be the maximum number of MCQ and short questions. So, that students of Bengal get more marks on class 10th examination compare to other boards. This new format already started on the class 9th exam and now it will start on Madhyamik 2017 exam. According to this new format on Madhyamik 2017 exam, there will be 40% marks on MCQ and short questions.

The Changes on Madhyamik 2017 exam by the New Format

• The total marks written test for each subject on Madhyamik 2017 exam is 90 marks.

• There will be no any oral/viva test for Madhyamik 2017 examination.

• The 10 marks are given by the school as the performance on unit test arranged by schools.

• On the question paper, there will mark on MCQ type questions and one mark short questions are 36 marks out of 90 marks on the written test.

• For Mathematics there will be 2 marks questions with the short questions.

• For History subject the maximum marks of broad question are 8 marks. For language (Bengali/English) the maximum marks of broad question are 10 marks.

• Overall the question paper of Madhyamik 2017 exam will be full of short type query and 3 to 5 marks questions.

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By thin new question format on Madhyamik examination, students will score more percentage on Madhyamik examination. Many educationists raised the questions, that by this new format students will learn so less and by this type questions the hall collection on the examination will be increased. The circular about this new examination format of Madhyamik 2017 exam will already send to the schools.

If you have any questions or query please feel free to ask us, we will try to help you at our best level. Keep visiting our website for more details and update information about new question format on Madhyamik 2017 examination.


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