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Are you looking for West Bengal Higher Secondary 2018 Suggestion? Get all subjects suggestions for Higher Secondary 2018 Examination. Download WBCHSE Higher Secondary 2018 English Suggestion with sure Common in the examination. Get all the tips and tricks how to get 90% marks on Higher Secondary (10+2) board examination. Download 10+2 class exam Suggestion prepared by experts.

HS 2018 English Suggestion

West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education organized the Higher Secondary (10+2) Examination 2017 for Bengal students. Here WE provide a complete study guide and a suggestion for West Bengal Higher Secondary Examination 2018 of English subject.

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The H.S 2018 English examination will be held on 29th March 2018 according to updated exam routine. Download Higher Secondary 2018 Examination Routine. Total written marks for this examination are 80. The question paper contains two-part, Part-A, and Part-B. A brief suggestion is given here, prepared by experts. Practice this suggestion will help you in your exam.

West Bengal Higher Secondary 2018 English Suggestion

Part-A: This part contains descriptive type questions from Prose, Poem and Drama portion. Unseen passage, Writing skills, and grammatical questions also include on this part. Total marks from Part-A is 60.


A. Answer any two questions in about 100 words.

1. How did Tsar’s enemy transform to a loyal friend? How did Tsar nurse the wounded man?
2. What were the questions that had occurred to the Tsar and why did he need correct answers to those questions? How did he learn the answer?
3. How Tsar spent the night at hermit’ s place? After waking up, what did he see?

4. Describe the parting of the girl from the narrator in the train. How did the narrator and the girl reminisce about the scenic beauty of Mussoorie?
5. What is the ironical twist in the end of the story ‘The Eyes Have It’.
6. Describe the significance of the title of the story, ‘The Eyes Have It’.
7. “She was an interesting girl.” – Whom made this remark? What was the impact of the speaker? Whom did he say this?
8. How did the narrator try to flatter the girl? How did she receive his flattery?
10. “Eat some more, son” – Who is the speaker? What is offered by the speaker to the listener? What picture of the speaker’s character is revealed in this line?
11. Describe the character of Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones / Roger.
12. Why did Roger not try to run away later although he had the opportunity to do so?
13. Justify the title of the story ‘Thank You, Ma`am’. How did Mrs. Jones treat Roger at her residence?
14. “Why don’t you say this, to the people who come to you” – Who says this and to whom? What is referred to by the word ‘this’? Why do the people come to the person spoken to?
15. What has remained the routine for Abdul Kalam’s father even when he was in his late sixties? What does Abdul Kalam say about his emulation of his father?
16. What did Kalam’s father tell him about the relevance of prayers? What was APJ Abdul Kalam’s father’s attitude to adversity?
17. What do you mean by ‘fear ridden vision of destiny’? What is other vision? What vision should be preferred and why?


B. Answer the question in about 100 words.

1. Justify the title of the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’.
2. Describe in brief, the power and strength of a tree to withstand man’s cruelty.
3. Why does it take “much time to kill a tree”? How is the tree finally killed?

4. Describe the underlying tone of the poem, ‘On Killing a Tree’.
5. Describe the complete life cycle of a tree as depicted in the poem, ‘On Killing a Tree’.
6. Why does Keats feel that the poetry of earth is never dead?
7. What picture of summer is presented in ‘The Poetry of Earth’? How has it been carried on to the picture of winter?
8. Justify the title of the poem ‘The Poetry of Earth’.
9. How does Shakespeare compare the beauty of this friend to that of a Summer’s day in Sonnet 18?
10. How does Shakespeare establish the triumph of verse over time and mutability in Sonnet No. 18?
11. Discuss the central idea of the poem, ‘Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer Day.’
12. What does the poet mean by, ‘the eye of heaven’? What is the implication of the sentence “And every fair from fair sometimes declines”?
13. “A soldier, very young, lies open-mouthed” – Who is the soldier referred to here? Narrate in your own words how the soldier lies in the valley.
14. Justify the title of the poem, ‘Asleep In the Valley’.
15. Describe the surrounding where the soldier lay in the poem ‘Asleep in the Valley’.
16. What message does the poet want to spread through his poem ‘Asleep in the Valley’?


C. Answer any one of the following questions in about 100 words.

1. Describe the character of Chubukov as a sensible father / Ivan Vassilevith Lomov.
2. Why did Lomov think about taking a decision about getting married? Whom did he want to marry and why?
3. What are the functions of the song in the play?
4. “Hurry up and get married” – Who said this and to whom? How did the speaker conduct the marriage of Lomov and Natalya?
5. Justify the title of the play, ‘The Proposal’ by Anton Chekhov.
6. Do you find the play funny? Write some supporting sentences, about your answer.
7. “Oh, what a burden, to be the father of a grown-up daughter!” – Who is the father? Who is the daughter? Why is the daughter a burden to the father?


This portion contains do as directed type questions, fill in the blanks with appropriate article and preposition, Word corrections etc. Read carefully your textbook and practice questions papers for this part.


There no any suggestions for Unseen passage, you have to practice more and more the test papers. You may follow any English Daily, it’s can help you for this portion.


A. Letter Writing :
1. Write a letter to the editor of an English daily expressing your concern about, High Price Rise of daily commodities / Global Warming / Problems of Loud Speakers/uses of Plastic Bags/misuse of mobile Phones / Strike in Bengal / Road Safety.
2.Write a letter to the store manager, requesting for repair of the TV Set / complain about the bad quality goods you purchased from their shop/inquiry of some goods price.
3. Delay of Postal Delivery, Missing of Mobile Phone, Missing of Library Card, Requesting Loan for a new business, bad conditions of roads.

Practice More, Click here to Practice HS 2018 English MCQ questions Online.

Report Writing :
Annual Sports report on school magazine, Magic Show organized by the school, Tree Plantation Program, Farewell function of a respected teacher, Swach Bharat Aviyan, Safe Drive Save Life Campaign, Teachers’ day celebration, Road Accident, Blood Donation Camp.

Part-B: This portion contains only 20 marks with very short answer type questions and MCQ type questions. For this portion, read carefully your textbooks and practice questions papers.

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