Madhyamik Result RTI Application 2023 – Apply for Certified Copy of Answer Script

Apply Online Madhyamik Result RTI Application 2023. Know how to apply for Madhyamik 2023 RTI and get a certified copy of your answer script. Apply RTI to get a xerox copy of your Madhyamik exam papers. Know the complete application procedure of Madhyamik Result RTI Application 2023 & download the Application Form.

Madhyamik Result RTI Application

West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE) already published the Madhyamik 2023 result on 19th May 2023. Students can collect their Madhyamik Marksheet from their schools. If any student does not satisfy with his/her Madhyamik marks or expected higher marks on any subject, then the candidate can apply for Scrutiny or Review.

Madhyamik 2023 passed students can apply for PPS/PPR (Scrutiny/Review) if he/she expected higher marks on any subject and got very low marks. The PPS/PPR Application of Madhyamik 2023 will be done through School. Here we already published a post about, How to Apply for Review or Scrutiny of Madhyamik 2023 Result.

If you do not want to apply for PPS/PPR and want a photocopy of your Madhyamik exam sheet/answer sheet then you can apply for RTI of your Madhyamik Result.

RTI Application Madhyamik 2023 Result

Here are some important information about WBBSE Madhyamik Result RTI Application.

  • The RTI Application letter must reach to the WBBSE regional office within 100 days from the date of publication of the result of M.P. (S.E.) 2023 i.e. within 2nd August 2023.
  • The applicant will get a certified copy of his/her written answer sheets.
  • No request for inspection of the answer script shall be entertained.
  • If the applicant has applied for PPS/PPR, in that case, the RTI application for certified copies can be done just after the publication of PPS/PPR result.

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Madhyamik Result RTI Application Process

Know the complete application process about how to apply for RTI of Madhyamik Result and get certified copies of Answer Scripts.

  1. Write an Application Letter to the to the WBBSE Regional Officer requesting to supply Certified Copy of Answer Scripts. (download link is given below)
  2. Attach photocopies of Admit Card and Marksheet with this application.
  3. Attach Court fees of Rs. 10 on the Application letter.
  4. Submit the Application to the respective Regional Office of WBBSE within 2nd August 2023.

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Where to Submit the RTI Application Letter

Madhyamik candidates have to submit their at the Regional Centers of WBBSE according to their Roll Number.

  • Roll No. starting with “1” should submit their application at North Bengal Regional Office.
  • Roll No. starting with “3” should submit their application at Burdwan Regional Office.
  • Roll No. starting with “5” should submit their application at Medinipur Regional Office.
  • Roll No. starting with “7” should submit their application at Kolkata Regional Office.

The Address of the Regional Office

North Bengal Regional Office

Kanchanjangha Bhawan,
P.O- North Bengal University
Darjeeling – 734014.

Burdwan Regional Office

Inswarchandra Bhawan
Goods Shed Road, Tinkonia
Burdwan – 713101

Medinipur Regional Office

Keranitalachak, Medinipur
Paschim Medinipur – 721101

Kolkata Regional Office

Nivedita Bhawan, Karunamoyee,
Block – DJ-8, Sector-II,
Kolkata – 700091

Here are some important information about RTI Application letter Submission.

  • Only certified photocopy of answer script(s), as prayed for, will be handed over to the candidate or his/her natural or legal guardian. No third party will be allowed to obtain a certified photocopy of answer scripts.
  • For supply of certified photocopy of answer script(s), a photocopy charge of Rs. 2 shall be applicable per page.
  • There is no connection with re-evaluation with the Application under RTI Act 2005.
  • The application shall be treated as rejected if there is no court fees and/or full signature of the applicant.
  • No application fees for BPL Category candidates. Just attach the BPL certificate with the Application letter.

Download, WBBSE Madhyamik 2023 RTI Application Form Format

How long will it take to get the Certified Copy?

Generally, it will take 2-3 months to get the Certified Copies of your Madhyamik Answer sheet(s). The respective WBBSE Regional Office will inform the date and time of Collection the Certified Copy of Written Answer Scripts through by Post or over the Phone. Visit the regional centre on that said date with all the Madhyamik documents and collect the written answer scripts photocopies.

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What to do next after getting the copies?

After getting the Certified Copies of Madhyamik written answer scripts, the student can bring it to home and check it carefully. If there is any wrong total/ wrong caging / unmarked answer, the same shall be rectified without any extra charge if applied for within 30 days from the date of receipt the photocopy of answer scripts.

This is the complete information and guidelines about Madhyamik Result RTI Application 2023. Share this post on your social media to help others. Feel free to ask your query in the below comment box.

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  1. Sir ami Dhrubo Halder. Sir ami 2023 madhyamik diyaci ..Sir ami amer khata RTI korty diyaci ai 1month hoyacy kintu Sir ami akhono porjonto kono news pai ni.sir ami koby amer khata patay pari jodi aktu bolten

    • Hello Dhrubo, generally this process took time upto 3 months. So, wait few more weeks and you may receive letter from WBBSE.

  2. স্যার আমি RTI অ্যাপ্লিকেশন জমা করেছি তো আমি কি অনলাইন দেখতে পারবো ।

  3. I have got 80 marks in bengali sub which I have seen after getting xerox of my paper in place of 70 as given by wrong total. After doing rti I got this information. How can I do the correction in my marksheet. I have gotten xerox today from Mednipore regional office of WBBSE.

    • Hello Priyangshu, inform this marks to the WBBSE Regional office (Medinipur). They will take the necessary actions regarding this and issue a new marksheet for you.

  4. Sir, ami Madhymik a 652 peyechi. Kintu amar biswas ami 660+ pabo. Ami RTI ar letter Nibedita Bhaban a sent korechi 22/09/2020 tarik a. Kintu akhono kono phone ba letter aseni. RTI ar reply koto diner moddhe ase please aktu bolben?

  5. Sir ami madhyamik pps korechilam.matro 1marks bereche. Akhon hoyeche 638 marks.kintu ami sure ami 665–675 er moddhe pabo.Ami RTI application korte chai.kobe application er last date? please janaben sir.Test exam e 666 peyechilam.

    • Hello, there is no any exact last date announced by WBBSE for RTI last date. Try to apply for RTI within 1 month from the date of publishing PPS/PPR Result.

  6. আমার মাধ্যমিকে প্রাপ্ত নাম্বারে আমি সন্তুষ্ট নই। তাই আমি যদি মাধ্যমিকের খাতা কে আরটিআই করি তাহলে আমার খাতার মধ্যে যদি কোনো ভুল ধরা পড়ে তাহলে সেই নাম্বার কমিয়ে দেওয়ার মতো কোনো option রয়েছে কি ??
    আমার বিনীত অনুরোধ দয়া করে উত্তর দেবেন।

    • হ্যাঁ, যদি তোমার কোন উত্তরে ভুল ধরা পড়ে এবং সেখানে তুমি নাম্বার পেয়ে থাকো, তাহলে রিভিউ করার সময়, সেই উত্তরের নাম্বার কমিয়ে দেওয়া হতে পারে।


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