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Students can earn some money from, a educational website for Indian students. By posting resources, question papers, job info and answering question students can earn money online. Also this site provide 90% Adsense revenue. an educational website for Indian students. Here students can increase their knowledge ban and earn money online. This site provide all the educational help for students. Here students can post their knowledge for help others and earn a good cash credit. All the process of earning money from are mention below, read them and start earning.

Post Article : Earn money by posting educational article on ISC (IndiaStudyChannel). You can earn maximum money from this section of that website. Cash credit depends on your quality of article. You can post admission news, result information and many more about education.

Post Question Paper : Earn money by posting question papers. For each question paper you can earn 5 rupees. So how many you post question papers, you will earn more. Post previous year question papers of any Board exam or University exam or others. That is one of the best way for students for earn some more money.

Ask Experts : On this section you can post your personal problem or query and experts will answer it. Also you can answer other member’s questions and earn money. On this section students can earn money by answering questions. Cash credit depends on your quality of answer.

Google Adsense : Best part of is Google Adsense revenue sharing. If you have a Google Adsense account, than you can earn money from this site. ISC gives you 90% Adsense revenue. So, how many you post you can more from Google also.

Various Competition : Indiastudychannel also organised various competition, like ‘Article writing contest’, ‘Best admission post’, ‘Top member of the week’ and many more contest. Students can participate on this contests an earn a lot of money. If you earn 100 points in a month, than you can get ‘Partnership Sharing programme’ and good cash.

Use Kontera Ad code : After reaching Gold Leavel, you can submit your Kontera Ad code on this site and earn money. This is one of the good way for students for earning.

Forum Section : This is the most popular section of, as on this part all the members post their all queries and problems about this site and webmasters, members answer it. On this section communication between member is kept on.

Post Practice Test question : Students can practice online for their various entrance exam, like JEE, NEET, WBCS, IBP etc and increase their knowledge. Also they can post practice questions and earn money.

Referral Programme : One of the attractive system of ISC is referral programme. For every valid referral you can get points. And also get money.

So, if you ready to publish your knowledge and earn some pocket money than obviously register on, Click here for Register on ISC.

If you have any query, ask it freely. I will try to help you. And start earning for

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