Online Application for Income Certificate & Residential/Domicile Certificate in West Bengal


West Bengal e-District Online Application Process for Income and Residential/Domicile Certificate issued by BDO or SDO. Get all the information, how to get Family income certificate online. How to apply for Domicile Certificate online. Download Income certificate and Residential Certificate Online.


Income Certificate and Residential/Domicile Certificate from Gazetted Officer are the important documents applying for any scholarship or jobs. In West Bengal, the application process for Income and Domicile Certificate from BDO or SDO is Online. So, candidates can apply Online through West Bengal e-district portal for Income and Residential/Domicile Certificate.

After applying from West Bengal e-district portal, applicants can get their income or residential certificate from their Block Development Officer (BDO) or from Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO). Applicants have to download their required certificate from the portal. This certificate is valid up to 6 months. The complete Online Application process is given, follow this.

Online Application Process for Income Certificate & Residential/Domicile Certificate

Step-1 : At the first visit the official website of West Bengal e-District Portal, for apply Family Income Certificate and Residential Certificate from Gazetted Officer.

Step-2 : Now Click on the Citizen Registration option and register yourself on that portal with some basic details like Name, Address, Mobile number and Email address. You have to create a Username and Password for login on this e-District portal.

Step-3 : After Successful Registration, visit the West Bengal e-District Portal and Login with your Username & Password. Now Click on the ‘Certificates’ option and select Income Certificate or Local Residence (Domicile) Certificate for which you want to apply.

Step-4 : Now fill the Application Form for the certificate. The Application form contains some Basic information (Name, Date of Birth, Aadhaar Number, Mobile number, Email & Gender) and Present Address Details. Click ‘Save & Next’ after filling the form.

Step-5 : On this step, applicants have to fill Parent/Husband details, Permanent Address, and Income Details/Address details correctly with the reason for Application.

Step-6 : After completing previous steps, you have to upload some scanned documents with the application form. Following documents are required to upload – Photographs, Address Proof Certificate (Aadhar/Voter Card/Passport/ Driving License/ Ration Card/Govt. Id card/ Defence ID Card/Residential Certificate issued by S.D.O) and Income proof Certificate (Salary Certificate, Income Proof from Gram Pradhan/ Municipality Councilor, IT Return Certificate).

Step-7 : All done. Now write down the Application Number, by which you can track your application status online. Take print out the confirmation page, if you want to receive the certificate from BDO/SDO office, then you have to show this confirmation page.

Step-8 : The complete Application process is totally free of cost. If you apply from any CSC cyber cafe, then you have to pay Rs. 40 to 50.

এই সম্পূর্ণ আবেদন পদ্ধতিটি বাংলায় পড়তে এখানে ক্লিক করুন।

Download Income and Residential/Domicile Certificate from Online

Income Certificate and Residential/Domicile Certificate from BDO/SDO will be ready to download within 7 days after applying online. Applicants can log in to the e-District portal and download their certificate in pdf format and then Verify the digital signature with the help of your PC/laptop. Income certificate and Residential Certificate are valid only for six months.

This is the complete step by step online process for apply Income and Residential/Domicile Certificate issued by BDO or SDO. If you have any query, post it in the below comment box. Follow us on WebExam Facebook Page for latest updates. Thanks for reading this post.


  1. Hello
    Do I need to provide all of them; salary certificate,income proof from councillor,IT returns or any one of them for the income certificate?
    Also normally what time droes it take to generate a income certificate?

    • Hello Danish, you have to upload only one documents at the time of online application. It generally takes 7 to 9 days for the complete process.

  2. Hello, I do not have any land deed or rent copy, but got my adhar card, voter card, passport, admit card. can i upload any of these in the field of ” Residential certificate issued by sdo”?
    and certificate issued by sdo is same as i have been asked to upload domicile certificate issued by o/o district magistrate?

    • Hello Satyajit, if you downloaded your domicile certificate from Online, then no need any signature or stamp on it. That document is e-verified and accepted all over India.

  3. They are asking for resedential certificate by sdo and i have an aplication signed by my councillor which states that i am the citizen of my locality can i upload this in place of sdo

    • Hello Vikash, yes you can upload the residential certificate, issued by your locality Councillor or you may use your Aadhar Card as address proof.

  4. sir,
    online a income certificate & domicial certificate apply krar por approved hoye j income certificate & domicial certificate with digital signature berobe…otai ki final stape (i mean atar por r kichu korte hbe ki) scholarship fillup krar jonno…. naki abar oi print out cerificate ta B.D.O. office a niye jete hbe onno kichu krar jonno jemon B.DO.O stamp or enithing esle etc…..please confused clear korben.

  5. Sir my application would not be approved I attach all documents Katiyan to Residential proof class 10 admit card to birth Proof pan card to identity proof and my attested blue background photo .I applied for Domicile certificate on 31/08/2018 by till now my application status is under process .what can I do Sir .And it’s urgent to approved my Domicile certificate before 15/09/2018 . So what can I do .Plzzz solve my this problem I really appreciating You.

    • Hello Shubhdeep, wait few one or two days because there were a long holidays after your application. You may got your Income Certificate soon. If you need it very urgent, then visit to your BDO/SDO office with the Application Number (AIN) and request them to verify it soon.

  6. sir,
    my self ABDUR ROHIM ,i am living under Birbhum district , block-Nalhati-1. I have already fillup online income certificate for minority scholarship and this certificate aproved also around 5 or 6 days after submit….But there is a problem i am living Nalhati-1 block but unfortunatly by my mistake i put Nalhati -2 block at this adress block,this time i have no NOTICE ,,,BUT after aproved i have notice this case………….Due to this i am very disapointed ..plz helf me how i can sove this problem.

    • Hello Abdur, contact to your BDO office about this issue and cancel your previous certificate and apply again. (You can use the income certificate in case of emergency.)

  7. After downloading the certificate in pdf format how to Verify the digital signature with the help of your PC/laptop????

    • Hello Biswajit no need to do anything. When you download the certificate it will be automatically digitally singed by the authority.

  8. Domicile certificate er application online e fill up korar por , AIN No ta ki BDO/SDO te dekatei hobe digitally sign copy ta pabar jonno ?

    • Hello Suman, AIN number ta BDO ke dekhanor dorkar ney. Tumi website theke digitally singed certificate download korte parbe.

  9. Hello Sir, I am from Asansol under the District of Paschim Bardhaman, Wes Bengal, I have already applied domicile certificate and submitted to SDO Office but office rejected our application due to no AIN No. in application form but I have one confirmation page where the AIN No. is written in capital and bold words. Now I am very disappointed, what will doing please help me. How to print application form with AIN No.

    • Hello Goutam, visit to any cyber cafe and then take print out the confirmation page. Or apply freshly for the Domicile Certificate and then contact to your SDO office.

  10. Hlw sir,mera name hai Pritam Ghosal.may army rally k liya domicile certificate nikalna chata tha…per sir citizen registration may Jo password name k box hai..usme Jo bhi password dal raha hay kuch match nahi kar raha hay.kay ap bata sakte ho k bo problem kaysa slove kare

    • Hello Pritam, there is a ‘Forgot Password’ option. Click on that option and then fill the basic details, you can easily retrive your Password and then login.

  11. Sir
    In the cyber cafe they’re asking for “PARCHA” of my house. Can you please suggest any alternative of it as I don’t have this now?

  12. How to get SDO income certificate? I got income certificate from BDO by edistrict portal.But how and where to apply to get the certificate from SDO?

    • Hello Somu, BDO income certificate has the same vule as SDO. So, you can use it anywhere.
      If you want SDO income certificate then contact to your SDO office.

  13. I uploaded my caste certificate which is issued by BDO as my residential certificate bute SDO returned my application to me and said that please upload a valid residential certificate issued by SDO/BDO.Im confused which certificate should I upload in this place.Please reply

    • Hello Biswajit, you have to upload any of these documents as your address proof, Aadhar/Voter Card/Passport/ Driving License/ Ration Card/Govt. Id card/ Defence ID Card/Residential Certificate issued by S.D.O.

  14. Hello Sir,
    I am from Jharkhand resident because my father service in Jharkhand and my all documents(Aadhar card,school certificate etc.) are in Jharkhand. Can i make domicile certificate in west bengal?
    My father’s all land certificate in west bengal.
    Please reply me a helpful message.

    • Hello Arnab, you cannot apply for Domicile Certificate in West Bengal. Beacause you don’t have any documents (Aadhar, school certificate), which issued from West Bengal. To get Domicile Certificate from West Bengal, you must be a permanent resident of WB at least for 10 years.

        • একবার আবেদন করার ছয় মাস পর আবার নতুন করে অনলাইনে আবেদন করা যাবে।

    • Hello Anna, it will take maximum 7 days (without off days). If you unable to check your application status, just visit your BDO/SDO office with the application receipt.

  15. I have no land….but I live in west bengal..I am resident of india.may I able to apply for online application… thank u sir..

  16. For persons residing in the KMC (Kolkata Municipal Corporation) area, who is the competent authority to issue Domicile certificate? Can an Officer having a designation of Deputy Director or above working in any Directorate under the Government of West Bengal issue a Domicile certificate?

    • Hello Sanjib, it’s usually take maximum one week. Login to the e-district website and download the Income Certificate. If it take long time, contact at your BDO office, with the Acknowledgement Number.

    • Hello Somnath, all step by step procedure already mentioned on the above blog, follow it to apply online for Income and Domicile Certificate.

  17. Hello , I have applied for domicile certificate in edistrict but its more than a month and yet my certificate is not ready, though it is showing status of Offline Enquiry. Please help!!!

    • Hello Rig, visit your SDO office with the application receipt and other documents. They will verify it manually and after that issue Domicile Certificate on your favor.

    • Hello Saroj, can you please mention for which certificate you are trying to apply. Because Land deed certificate, is not a mandatory document, you can Panchayet/Municipality Certificate for this.

    • Hello Indrajit, just login into the e-district portal and download the Acknowledgement slip again, take print it out.

  18. I have applied for income certificate online. But I need family income certificate. However it is providing me with my income certificate, asking for my income. Moreover i need it in 4-5 days. Please respond as what I should do!

  19. It is really heartening to find the response of all query which also help to get answer of FAQ. I visited this site because I also need Residential certificate of my child.

  20. I am not getting my password in my mobile after citizen registration. So I am unable to apply income certificate. How to get it?

    • Hello Haradhan, click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link and then fill the required details, like Username, Password Hint Answer. After that you can easily reset your password.

    • Hello Masiar, character certificate issued by School/College/University or any educational institution, where you are currently studying. Contact with your current institution, and apply for Character Certificate.

  21. HI Team, i applied for application around three weeks back. still it is showing in progress and there is no action taken. AIN- 0101041887000033
    Wanted to make sure if anything pending from my side
    Application status is in progress.

    • Hello Jawed, you application is still pending, because your BDO/SDO didn’t take any action. Visit your BDO/SDO office with the application print our and ask them for the verification. After that the authority will provide you the certificate at online.

    • Hello Ramchandra, the Birth certificate is not mandatory for SDO residential certificate. You can use your Madhyamik (10th class) admit card as the date of birth proof.


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